OT: Davison wins State Championship!

I know there’s a few of you in the Genesee county area… Of all the games I got to watch this year, it happened to be their loss to Lapeer, but they got their revenge on them in the playoffs and have made it all the way to Division 1 Champs! Congrats to the Cards and any of you Davison dads and grads.



Meaningful games at Ford Field. Hope the walls didn’t crack from the shock. Congrats Davison for finally making it!I


Sorry for my ignorance but where is Davison?

15 minutes east of Flint on I-69.


Wolfy is north of Davison a few minutes. I’m East of it a couple minutes. Air lives in Davison. For our Canadian friends, it’s an hour west of the bluewater bridge on the 402. LOL.

Yep It’s my home town. Nice City really. A suburb of Flint. Half way to Lapeer on the I69 corridor. Home of Williams Gunsight. When I’m not at a Lions game you might find me there … lol

Also home to the original Lucky’s steak house. Best $20 Steak you’ll ever have.
Also home to Whitey’s - famous for their fish. Best fish around.

Suddenly I’m hungry now.

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Whiteys is the shit. Good fish & chips. Isn’t Williams in Burton? It is east of Irish rd.

Williams is west of Irish and that’s still Davison. Vassar road is the divider between Burton and Davison. Vassar is another mile west yet. I should know I live West of Irish and east of Vassar … lol

I’m smelling a meet-up at Whitey’s. They have one of the most basic salad bars you could have, but I seem to build the most delicious salads for myself there.

Just had Lucky’s last week.
Stuffed Mushrooms
French Onion Soup
Filet with a loaded baked potato
Pan-seared scallops

Yum yum.

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I live right by a Luckys (not the original). If you don’t mind the dated decor and dated clientele… agree it’s good bang for your buck for a steakhouse.

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Let me guess, you’re in Okemos?

You guys are bringing up old memories. This is my neck of the woods, originally. Glad to see Davison win one, even though in my day, before electricity, they were our biggest rival.

Hmmm. Where?

Everybody talks about Lucky’s. I need to go there, but I never get up there anymore as all the reasons I used to have are gone!

I’m actually kicking around the idea of buying a summer/fall home in Michigan at some point after retirement. bucket list for now, but we’ll see. Its way too hot in Florida during the summer months. There is a reason this place was sparsely populated before the invention of modern AC.

Kearsley area.

Hmmm, that’s still Burtucky…NE of that area is much better, say the thumb.

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Its not Burton. Its gone downhill it seems, as do many older neighborhoods though. Back then it was a very good school district. Not sure now. Davison was an outskirts town in my time. Now its a major suburb. Times change. The thumb is good if you like being a bumpkin.

This is going to sound funny, but I remember the Little Caesars in Davison. It was one of those sit-down buffet types. One of the originals. Sounds like trash now, but back then it was an awesome treat.

The only things I know about Kearsley are:
There’s a creek that runs through Genesee County with it’s name.
The people from there are sticklers for how it’s pronounced, sort of like the guys in Charlotte MI.

They remodeled the one in Davison this last year but it still has the same feel.