Our approach felt little disrespectful to players like

Sounds like a goulash
My grandma used to make it for me & my brother growing up

:fire: good call man

Agree gotta have the good butter & good parm

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I make my shrimp scampi that way.


Well, I dont have it swimming in olive oil. Just enough to make it moist, so its not dry. Just letting you know in cass you try it out.

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Better than a kitty litter box liner.

2 lbs of tender knee caps

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Also 100 ml’s of fire hot sauce.

Heat Fire Flame GIF by Chicken Licken SA


May be time to be a Travis friend Meet Aric Jones – Travis Kelce’s Longtime Best Friend (Exclusive)

colin jost snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

If we were playing today we should have started with 48 point lead, DC should have gambled and lost all that points like lost son😁. Under few drinks today

We were all talking about Italian food in this thread… cooked up a storm last night.

Homemade meatballs and pizza. Was outstanding. Still in a food comma.