Our OC getting praise from Matt for aggressive play call!


He was DEFINITELY NOT speaking to reporters when he spoke of “being aggressive, giving guys a chance to win, trusting your guys, etc.”

He was lobbying the coaches for more of this type of play-calling.

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Another aggressive call. When they work, you are a genius. When they don’t, you get to spend the rest of the week getting told you don’t understand football.


Not what this is about…

We have a OC who surprised a ten yr vet QB with a call… this was not the norm for Matt…

We are seeing these two learn each other and trust each other more each play and each game…

There will be more of this imho!!


Going for it on 4th and 1, that was a gutsy call too. Loved it. The Lions went deep a lot in this game, to Marvin and Kenny. I didn’t think the OL would stand up to the Chargers pass rush, but they did a really good job.

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Fingers crossed brother! That’s what I’m thinking too. We have to keep playing, because we do not have the OL to just run out clock. I hope we keep attacking…like the patriots do.

the pass to the TE on third down was so nice to see. I was so sure that we would run it three times and kick it back, and told my wife that’s what we would do. Maybe there is hope this year!!


Bevell starting to trust Matt…

Ballsy call right there. INC right there saves them their last timeout with the ball

It was definitely nice to see. It’s not something we’d have seen much of in the past. And I’m super glad we didn’t run 3 vertical routes out of it.

I called this before we ran the first run play… 2 runs then a play action with one read, if it’s not there you take the sack. If this were JBC, it would’ve been a 3rd down run and then a punt giving them 40ish seconds to score. The pass on 3rd down is a welcome and obvious change from the philosophy we’ve have on offense for the last 4-5 years.


Gotta be longer than 4-5 years. I can’t remember the last time we threw the ball in a situation like that. Kudos to Bevell.


We were more aggressive under Schwartz… So that’s like 6 years lol

Last week


The Lions threw the ball when they were trying to run out the clock in the 4th qtr on 3rd down with the lead last week? I must’ve missed it. Usually we run it up the middle again and have to punt it away.

Coach called timeout

LOL how soon people forget


Yes, you just described last week

Plus he is happy he is not getting sacked as much.


Schwartz might have went for it on 4th. Right or wrong move, it was never dull

beautiful pass