Pass Interference on the Hail Mary by a Chiefs DB; NFL decides not to even review

The last play of the Chiefs-Lions game included an attempt by Detroit to do what Green Bay did in that same building four years ago. The attempt failed.

But the game now has something it didn’t have when Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers nearly grazed the rafters at Ford Field with the game-winning Hail Mary in 2015: Replay review for pass interference calls and non-calls.

On Sunday, the visual evidence showed Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen apparently shoving Lions receiver Marvin Jones to the ground as the ball was making its descent toward the cluster of players. No flag was thrown.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron looked at the play but decided not to conduct a full-blown replay review.

Riveron previously explained in an appearance on the #PFTPM podcast that replay review in Hail Mary situations will entail the same relaxed standard that applies on the field when a team launches a wing and a prayer.

“For the most part, everyone understands what’s allowed, what’s not allowed on a Hail Mary,” Riveron said regarding an unofficial exception to pass interference that appears nowhere in the rulebook. “It’s probably fortunate that we’re not putting this play into a box because it’s something when we see it, and when I say ‘we’ I mean the football community from fans to coaches to players to officials, we’ll all agree that that’s a Hail Mary and we’ll understand what’s allowable and what’s not.”

Some would say that an apparent shove to the ground of a receiver who may have had a shot at making the catch would justify at least a closer look at whether the shove happened deliberately or incidentally.


Here’s the Chief DB shoving Marvin Jones down.:

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My seats are at the 20 on that end of the field


But nope

If that was the Packers it gets reviewed and called. 1st and goal at the 2

That is a valid question. I did not see that play live, too busy focusing on the ball.

It was egregious. Oh well

I saw it on TV. Saw Jones asking for a flag. NFL will always be against the Lions. New England, Green Bay would’ve got a review.

Damn that is egregious. How fitting of an ending would that have been? One untimed down for all the marbles

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Odd that they said they looked at it and decided against a review. That’s as blatant as it gets

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NFL can kiss my ass.

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Dude, it was the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes?

He now gets Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers calls/non-calls.

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A league source says ‘hail Mary Passes’ are not called the same as a normal pass…I’d like to see that fucking rule on paper please.


Yup, he’s the heir apparent new money man for the NFL for when Tom and erin are done.
Gotta pump him up!

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But you can’t just tackle the WRs

Ford got penalized for tackling the running back carrying the ball!

I didn’t see the PI live but yeah, it’s pretty obvious now that I see it.

Yeah, but I’d hate to see the league start calling PI on hail marys, you know how badly they’ll screw that up? All Rodgers would have to do is get to the fifty and he’s guaranteed to have it at the one on the next play for an untimed down. It went against us today, but no thank you.

At the point of the catch I’d agree. This one is a bit different bc he was clearly tackled away from the pile. There’s really not much gray area in this instance.

Right? What’s the point of even having Hail Marys if the defenders are able to body slam WRs before the ball even gets there…

Yeah but what’s the alternative? If they won’t call PI on Hail Mary’s, then coaches are just going to have their DB’s tackling every WR as soon as the ball is thrown.
It needs to be like NBA fouls at the end of a game, you let them play but you call anything blatant…and that was a blatant PI.
Now, why didn’t Patricia challenge it? …I think that’s where the blame lies.