Pat McAfee live at Lions/Colts practice

Here’s the link. Pat mentioned MCDC would be on the show today as well. He hasn’t been on yet as of 12:30 pm EST.

EDIT - I guess MCDC never wound up being on the show as announced and planned. Bummer.


This is sweet. We can watch the entire practice.

Love it.

Although, so far the Lions DB’s are getting worked. Don’t love that lol.


Talking like Colts first string offense destroyed our defense. Not surprising under conditions where the QB is safe.
Also, the Colts are better than we are.


Yeah I wouldn’t get to bent out of shape hearing their offense had success. We all know our defense is a work in progress whereas their offense had been together for awhile and just added a savvy vet ringleader. Honestly it’s a bad matchup for us but a good learning experience.

On the flip side if our offense is as good as a lot of us think it is, they ought to have some success against the Indy D.

And it’s important to remember the Colts have a legitimate Super Bowl shot this year. They’re really good. It’s only gonna help us to practice against them.


Let me guess. Jashon Cornell and Michael Brockers were on the starting D line like on Friday?

Here’s a Colts beat reporter review, seems our DL had some good moments:


It’s a little concerning when Darius Butler was explaining the advantage the offense has in 1 on 1s… but said it’s still not supposed to look like that (us on D) and said every rep looks like the colts against air. I’m very concerned that not only will our pass rush still need more help… but our secondary can’t cover at all.


Doesn’t sound like Okudah was even close to competing with Pittman. I’m picturing the move Devante Adams put on him, where a he got like 15 yards of separation on an out route, allowing Rodgers to juuuust squeeze one in there. lol


Not sure who got beat more in those 1 on 1s… okudah or harris. It’s like they are fighting for the backup job.


Gushing Colts fan.
Can’t watch anymore.

Jeremy Reisman :heavy_check_mark: @DetroitOnLion

Practice over after about 90 minutes. Will have thoughts later this afternoon. Offense bounced back nicely after a rough start.

If I had to, I’d call it a stalemate between the two.


I mean…he was drafted by, played for, and retired with them so I suppose it’s understandable?


Not sure I saw that from my seat but I like it. To me, it looked like the Colts pretty much dominated in most areas.

Just one practice though…nothing to go crazy about.


Yeah that isn’t my quote but Reisman’s.

McAfee crew feels like the Colts are bigger, more physical and winning the battles.

Makes sense based on Reich and that team.


Yeah, well. So!


Just to finish off the conversation, sounds like the first team offense struggled at first in drills and 7:7 vs the colts while they got used to it. Then they accounted well for themselves marching down the field and in 3rd down situational.

Makes sense they aren’t game planning and the colts would show something very different from the Lions in practice.

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From what I’ve read from both Colts and lions reporter is that the Colts won at the skill positions while the lions won most of the reps in the trenches. Once the offensive and defensive lines came into play the battles were more even. That sounds exactly like what most of us suspected would happen.


What is known about the colts? Surprised our DL could beat their OL.

Who do they have that is a top skill position other than Pittman? McAfee was saying their weapons are all 6’5 huge guys…

They drafted Alec pierce out of Cincinnati in the 2nd round. He’s 6’3 213 4.4 speed and a 41 inch vertical. I guess he had a great day. From the reports I read the Colts won a lot of reps even with tight coverage. They said this is by far the best day Matt Ryan has had at camp.

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