Pat Shurmur fired!

Black Monday has begun!

Garret or Marrone should be next

That’s a pretty dumb move by the Giants. That team wasn’t built to have much success this year, and Daniel Jones really started coming on under Shurmur.

Now you’re putting your Year 2 starting QB with his second coach and offense.


Depends if you hit on the next guy. If it’s the second coach for ten years, it won’t be a problem. If it becomes his 3rd coach in 5…wellllllll

This always kills me when teams do it. You sell off the team and enter a rebuild, then get mad at the coach for not winning enough games when you gutted his football team of talent. Shurmur wasn’t a good hire to begin with, but its still stupid to me.


He and Patricia have the same amount of wins through 2 years… NYG weren’t a good team or expected to win many games. The lions had expectations and fell far short… Yet somehow shurmer is the one getting fired. Crazy world we live in.


I will say that this is a pretty kick ass opportunity for the next HC there. Barkley and Jones is a pretty nice and young core to start off with on that side of the ball. The team has a lot of holes, but that division is super weak and the next head coach could get this train rolling in year 2-3.

Shurmur should have been fired for allowing the team to win 2 games down the stretch to get them out of the #2 pick.

They have tons of cap space and if Jones could simply stop fumbling the damn ball he’s already an above average quarterback.

If I’m a coach that’s where I’m heading.

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Shurmur was horrible. It was a bad hire and the guy just isn’t cut out for a HC position.

And a class organization and you get to be one of the kings of NYC. It’s a really, really good job but they’ve really sold themselves short with the last two hires.

The last guy made the playoffs his 1st year and just had a bad season.

Ben Mcadoo would have been given a contract extension in Detroit

Ben McaDoo was the Matt Patricia of offense. He was blessed with a lights out defense in year 1 and therefore got a WC spot. They actually have some similarities as far as professionalism goes.

McAdoo did more than just have a bad season, he lost the team.

must have been the haircut.

I love that dude’s game. If he stays healthy, he will have a damn fine career.


This is exactly what I was telling my buddy yesterday. Guy was brought in with next to no talent, and never given a real chance. Took the fall.

They said that when took the job. He probably knew what he was getting into.

I could see Ron Rivera giving Shurmur offensive coordinator responsibilities with the Redskins. They come from the Andy Reid coaching tree.

Come on fellas this is Detroit there is a long history here of protecting mediocrity, case in point… Walter P Reuther!


NYC will be the biggest factor.