Patricia consistently late to media and team meetings

On top of that, he gives an absolutely bullsh!t explanation when asked about it:

Patricia, who has routinely showed up late for his media availability sessions in his first year as head coach, was asked about the importance of punctuality for a head coach at his weekly news conference Wednesday — a session that was pushed back 30 minutes from its original scheduled time, and then started 15 or so minutes after that.

“I think it just depends on the situation really," Patricia said. “It depends. There’s a pretty busy schedule from those situations I think for everybody. I think fluidity is probably the best answer for you.”

Patricia’s lack of punctuality also has been an issue in team meetings this year, where one former player said the coach was consistently late during his time with the Lions.

…seriously, WTF was he even trying to say there? Fluidity? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Full article here:

Besides, I’m pretty sure other coaches are doing just fine with the hectic schedule. How did Tom Coughlin POSSIBLY manage it?! :roll_eyes:

Before his hire, I told the scout forums that if they didnt like Schwartz, they’d HATE Patricia. But even I didn’t think it would be this bad.

That’s a very vague answer and he’s obviously learning on the job. It’s about priorities and apparently meetings are not at the top of his list.

So why should they be a priority for players?

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That is the message he’s sending if true.


Yeah this isn’t good. Dude shreds a reporter for slouching but is consistently late to media briefs as well? When you’re on deadline and this happens, the subject can fuck right off. And for all of you who have some lame issue with a free press, stop reading. And remember, it’s the credentialed media that sites like Pride of Detroit rely on for their second hand takes.

Patricia is starting to piss me off.


Eh, CM is a certified troll – you have to realize that. But as long as you avoid him in particular, (which they have definitely made more difficult on purpose) than you’ll end up getting some quality material from Freep.


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I wanted patricia here a couple years ago, but if he’s pulling this crap the players won’t follow him. why would they? did his previous boss do this?

and if I’m that slouching reporter, I continually ask the question about the professionalism in being late to scheduled meetings. over and over.

the thing that sucks is, if this goes off the rails right now we’re years away …again.

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He needs to be fired right now, he has offended the media that gives us our valuable information the way they want us to read it. It’s an outrage. He’s a terrible person.

If we were winning, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.
This story didn’t happen to start with the Detroit News, did it?
Don’t misunderstand me. I can’t stand Patricia, but, if we had a first round bye, I’d like him a lot more.

I agree, this is an outrage!!

Oh yeah, this was also spawned from a disgruntled ex-player. We all know they are absolutely the best source of reliable information.

So really, this is how it works. In Detroit media, they believe they drive the local sports teams. You answer to them dammit, and they can make you or break you. Except, they cant. So when they don’t get their way, they bitch and complain and whine and write nasty articles. And when you cow tow to them? They bitch, and complain and write nasty articles.

To me, this was Patricia clearly trolling the media guys and reminding them he doesnt answer to them. Which, he doesnt. The media of today is far different from the media of yesterday. Todays media is all spin, opinions and TMZ style bullshit. That being said, some of the best coaches in sports all have adversarial relationships with the media. Anyone else remember Scotty Bowman running guys out of town on a rail? Was that fair? No. Was it fair that said media guy was creating all sorts of shit to stir up trouble? Nope.

This is much ado about nothing, and lame writers attempts to say that since you inconvenienced me, now Im going to use my job at the paper to try to make some weak correlations that you must be a bad coach too. For everyone again clamoring for the beautiful days of Jim Caldwell, he didnt have the best relationship with the media either.


But we aren’t winning and don’t have a first round bye… on top of that his team’s look like they aren’t prepared on Sundays, he keeps making odd game day deceions with timeouts and clock management, and he looks way over his head. So I am very concerned.


This whole thing is a blown up bunch of garbage.

The team had Monday and Tuesday off for Christmas.
The schedule is jumbled up and crammed full, to the point you can even see Patricia get his first look at the talking points that were prepared for him when he gets to the podium.

The presser rarely occurs on time, dating back to Schwartz and Caldwell.

Frenzied nonsense, every bit of this.

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I try not to judge a coach until year three. But admittedly the luster has faded a bit with Patricia. I started to get a sinking feeling during pre-season

Not quite as bad as the sinking feeling I got when I saw Millen commission those ridiculous ‘110%’ commercials and address the media, spewing nonsense and platitudes in white sneakers and a Bill Cosby sweater…

But a sinking feeling nonetheless

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We now know that nothing was as it seems re: people wearing Cosby sweaters…something for future time travelers to warn 1980s us about…

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I think we all have heard, believe nothing you read and half of what you see. Seems most take anything they read as gospel — especially if it fits their bias.

I think it would be wise to let this thing play itself out (the Patricia era) before we make snap judgments. This year was chapter 1. Not a good chapter but certainly we see a defense that’s much improved over the course of the season. They’re playing pretty disciplined football I think. Special teams are better as well. Offense hopefully makes a leap next year.

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Fake news. The way to know media is lying is you read anything they print. All of it, everything is spun for their own purposes. They are enemies of the people. They control you people. You have no reason to believe anything they say. There are entire cadres of them trying to unseat a duly elected president. They are doxing congress people and others purposely exposing them to danger and encouraging violence. They freaking nominated persecuted journalists as men of the year. Fucking sheep.
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Lest you think sports transcends all this it is bullshit, too. They parrot their media brothers all the time. It is time people start doxing them, pulling their children out of their homes and locking them up with pedophiles. It is time we harassed them everywhere they go.

If you think that is extreme it is what the **MEDIA has done to President Trump, his congressional appointees and republicans in general.

I’d be late too, if I had to spend time with despicable fucking liars like the media. They’ve already done more than one hit piece on Patricia. He has no reason to be timely or cordial to what amounts to human filth.

Let’s put a lid on the political screeds eh? Or move to OT if people want to argue about that

Nothing corrupts a posting board faster


I don’t have to listen to you. These guys want to glorify the media. I think all of them are disgusting pieces of shit. Stop depicting them as victims. I have to check the weather on the internet because even the weather people can’t keep their agendas out of their “reporting.”