Patricia Likely To Return

…Per Sports Illustrated. Sorry for not posting the link. Year 3 will be hugely important. Go Lions!


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“The players who Patricia brought in speak very highly of him and he has strong support all over the league. If he is given enough time, the Lions will be competitive,” sources said.

”Also, sources expressed that Patricia should be given more credit for the success of the offense. Patricia brought in a competent and respected coordinator to work with Stafford. The offense has remained fairly consistent despite being forced to play third-string quarterback David Blough against the Bears”.


Losers gonna lose.

Keeping Patricia should be up to the GM. And the GM should not be Bob Quinn who has made the team worse in each of his 4 years here.

Let me be clear. I put 85% of the teams failure on Quinn, so he should he first to go. The new Gm would want to assemble his own staff. So, saying Patricia will return is also saying Quinn is safe which is also saying Martha is happy with 3 wins. Worst sports franchise in the history of sports. No sign of wanting to improve.


I think Patricia is back but the source is worse than Bleacher Report quality

Lol that’s a very exact number. I want to see the empirical evidence that supports that number.:joy:

Thanks QB Hater for the assist.

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All things considered, I’m okay with it.


Because there are no big-name head coaches anticipated to become available…who do to get?: Jason Garrett?? :joy:

The Lions DON’T need another coordinator from off a winning team - only to come here and jerk off.
Let’s just wait another year.


Anytime bro…it’s your show…I just happened to find the supporting data.:grinning:

This is nonsense. The idea that Quinn has done a lousy job is ridiculous. He has remade the entire OL and done a solid overall job of drafting and acquiring players. Fans that overreact to the record don’t see what is actually happening to the roster and the team as a whole. The only real mistakes I see are Tabor and Davis. I would have preferred Watt and Kamara, but he has added others like Golladay and Hand in spots unlikely to get big difference makers. We have a lot of injuries this year and it has perverted our record. If Stafford was healthy we would likely be above 500 with a chance for the playoffs. We had the KC and GB games stolen from us and it snowballed with injuries, nothing more.


I say it’s 91% on Quinn.

The empirical evidence is the roster itself. 9% of the roster is spotted him by Mayhew at this point, 91% is a result of his efforts.

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They dont need a big name coach to be successful. Look at teams like GB, San Fran, etc.

Riverboat Ron will be available. Marvin Lewis would also be a good hire. Patricia really is the perfect face for this organization. An obese, homeless looking, slob, who wears a trash bag every day. This organization is a joke.

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Lol. Remade the OL which cannot run block and is on their 3rd string QB?? Decker is bad. Wagner sucks. The only one that is decent is Ragnow and I dont think he is a first round talent. Our top RB is down for the count for the 2nd straight year. But hes done a real bang up job constructing an offensive line that cant get push or keep our QBs upright. Just brilliant. Enjoy your 3 wins and hand out another extension to Quinn. Wow

The only 2 good draft picks I would say are Kenny G and Ragnow and I think Ragnow was a slight reach even though hes solid. Every single other pick was either a bust or a reach.

People used to whine and whine about Caldwells lack of sideline presence. Patricia is even worse, but you won’t hear a peep about that from the regulars. People used to reach for reasons to get rid of Caldwell, and now people are reaching for reasons to keep Patricia.

People can’t point to one thing he has done well, except maybe hire the OC. It’s almost like some people want the Lions to be garbage. There is zero reason to keep Patricia. The Lions have trended in one direction since Patricia took over. The Lions will probably finish with 3 wins losing 9 straight. Unacceptable.

Damn! For once…I agree :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:

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Lions now have the same amount of wins as Miami. A team that was said to be tanking.

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When the owner all the way down to the fans that have followed this team are content with the shitty product on the field, it’s no wonder the Lions have not been successful in 60 plus years.

The defense is relatively healthy. Idiot Quinn hired a “defensive genius”. The defense fucking sucks. Makes terrible QBs look great on a weekly basis. Let’s reward them! Yay!!

It’ll be a fun 395 more days following your posts…


Oh, joy be thankful, iggy and phan on the same thread, lol.