Patriots TRADE Stephon Gilmore (updated)

Brad Holmes needs to be very busy today.

I don’t care that he’s 31 and on the PUP list or whatever. You bring this guy in for this year at least.

The goal is that he holds down your CB1 until someone else you get in a year or two takes it over.

Supposedly due to wanting a new contract after coming off a quad injury.
Doubt he goes to Detroit, look for Tampa to go after him, Brady probably already on the phone to him.


I have a hard time believing Gilmore would want to join a rebuilding club like the Lions.

Other than that, I have no complaints about him. Love the guy.


He wants huge money, and will only sign with a Superbowl contender.

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Some are also saying the Chiefs are a likely landing spot. As others have said, he will go to a contender.

If Brad Holmes calls his agent he will hang up on him. You have to imagine the guy wants to go to a contender and test FA in the off-season.

Lol exactly MCM. There is 0% chance this guy signs with the Lions.

Yeah, why would he come here?

Brad Holmes seems to be able to identify talented young DBs. Parker and Price look like real nice finds if they continue to develop. I think we’ll see more of this coming next offseason.

It’s definitely not the time to push a bunch of chips in on an over 30 corner. And the Lions would have to pay a big-time premium to get him. This team will have to be built via the draft, there’s no way around it.


I think Gilmore might be helpful to our younger guys, we need a vet CB. But he is 31 and coming off injury. I would imagine he is looking to win a Super Bowl before he retires rather than collect a paycheck from a team going nowhere (this year). But IDK, don’t we get priority on the waiver claim? Or pretty high priority?

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If we’re gonna pick teams and argue, I’m on @kneecapper 's side on this one. Screw what Happy wants, we don’t want him. Wrong timing to be taking on this contract. We’re already eliminated from playoff contention. If we can pick up a piece for the future - cool.

Random note - I loved Dre Bly, and I miss him.

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Holmes didn’t find Price he was already here. He stubbled across Parker he didn’t draft him.

If that dude starts playing at a super-high level, I’m gonna name the rest of our team “the revolution”

I didn’t know that about Price. But finding UDFAs is not exactly “stumbling” across them. Regardless, developing these young kids is exactly what you need to at this point.

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Shocking. I bet Brady will some how get him. How are BUCS not over the cap?

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I find it weird they couldn’t get a late round flyer for him.

I know he had an injury, but the guy is a top shelf CB. You’d think some contender would part with a late rounder to help them in the playoffs.

These teams don’t seem to want to give up draft capital this year.


Looks like I found an answer to my question.

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They have almost zero dead money to start.

A lot of their top players are still young enough to be on rookie deals.

Many of the veterans (Brady, Suh, Evans, Shaq Barrett, Lavonte David, and Donovan Smith) all have deals that push money into future years.

Some vets are playing for a discount.

And with all of that… they have only 4 players that count more than $8.2 million against the 2021 salary cap… 1 of which is C Ryan Jensen.

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I don’t believe he hits the waiver wire because he is a vet which makes him a FA.

I miss the hell out of Captain Bly

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I think Green Bay is where he will land.