Pats Sign Hunter Henry 3 year 37.5mil

Patriots signed Hunter Henry to a three-year, $37.5 million contract.

Good God how much money do they have???

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Doubling up at TE. Trying to re-create the Gronk & Hernandez combo (without the homicide element, of course).


They have literally built their team through free agency. Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry, Agholor, Kendrick Bourne, Davon Godchaux, Jalen Mills, Matt Judon, and Henry Anderson not to mention re-signing Deatrich Wise.

That could be the most active I’ve ever seen a team early in free agency. Pretty much got an entire new crop of pass catchers. Seems Bellicheck wants to go back to the Gronk and Hernandez days.


Damn can they share this off season.

On the surface they signed them both for 12.5mil AAV. Didn’t look into contract details, but up front seems they wanted them to be viewed as equals so didn’t want to pay one more then the other.

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If you look at the price tag, it’s a LOT cheaper to sign tight ends than WR’S. A lot of cost conscious teams are going to be running 12 personnel on offense this year

All the more reason to draft Pitts at 7


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This should open the eyes of us who get concerned about over allocating assets to TE. Quinntricia certainly debatable. Is anyone on here a better football mind or roster builder than Bill Belicheck? They’ll pair great with Newton next year. I still think no Golladay takes pitts off our board replacing it with WR. This should lead to deeper reflection.

Opens up the cupboard as to what personnel should be prioritized to run a successful offense. Pats are taking a different strategy trying to leap frog the league instead of playing copy cat. Just like they do every year. Not get over attached, adapt to whatever situation lies in front of them. It worked in spades with gronk + Hernandez yet everyone else outside of Philly seems too scared to try. The type of thinking that requires balls but can turn a 0 like the eagles were into SB champs with nick foles in a year. Or a team like the pats into all time greatest dynasty. Brady deserves a lot of the credit for NE but it doesn’t take away from the magic bill worked every year for over a decade.

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No question frm! I think the 2 stud TE is a tactically dangerous offense. Cam Newton will let us know if that’s true or not

Seems like he is desperate to prove that it wasn’t all Brady after TB got another ring with a new team and BB had a losing season.

Agreed. Should anyone be surprised? Belicheck is a ruthless competitor at the core. I think it happens regardless of TB winning a SB or not. Bill is pissed about his team last year. Brady rubbed salt in that wound

Says a lot about what they think of Cam’s arm…and decision making…


Let me guess… he didn’t coach them to do that?

I don’t get your point

Edit: Well maybe I see. It’s just an incorrect assumption that so out of left field doesn’t cross my mind. Of course he bears responsibility for their failure last year… I hate the pats and BB. Doesn’t change his football aptitude proven over decades

Everybody in the media fawning over what the Patriots are doing as if Belichick the Genius is back. Uh, they have no QB…yet.

This was my thought, too.

Another TE signing. Chris Manhertz (formerly known as Camryn Manheim):

Adam Schefter


Former Panthers’ TE Chris Manhertz reached agreement on a two-year, $7.25 million deal, including $4.25 million guaranteed, with the Jacksonville Jaguars, per his agent


Belichick on Henry before last season’s game:

After the game: