Penei Sewell...would you draft him at 7?

I did a couple of the Draft Network mock drafts and a couple of times they have Penei Sewell dropping to our pick, would you draft him at #7 overall?

Without hesitation. He has .000000000000001% chance of being available though.


If the plan is to have two high priced, high quality tackles on the left and right side…sure. If the plan is simply to put him on the left and move on from Decker…heck no.


@Spiel54man posed this question last night… You have to take him… He’s the best LT I’ve seen since Tyron Smith

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So what do you do with Decker?

Yeah, I mean how do you pass on a talent like this? If you’re a BPA guy, he fits the bill…but we do have Decker, I guess move him to RT and Vaitai to OG.

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yeah you could put Penei, with Penisini…lol


Well Sewell would be on a rookie contract so he shouldn’t be too high priced. And Decker is on his second contract already. So presumably their contracts would be expiring at roughly the same time so at that point you move on from Decker.

This isnt like the Jets where Becton is still on a rookie contract.

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Kick him to RT

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Just seeing Vaitai’s name in the starting line up makes me thrown up in my mouth a little

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I’d be happy with taking Sewell if he’s available.

How about moving Vaitai to someone else’s team?

Damn salary cap implications!


Jets *

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Seems like a fit to me!

This is the risk of not resigning your own good players in hopes of finding someone else’s hidden gem buried on their roster.

Sewell’s Sophomore year was more impressive than anything Smith did in college.

Smith was of course a total freak of a physical specimen but there was still some projection there IIRC.

Yes. Next question.

Easiest question I’ve seen in a while. 100% yes.

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I think Sewell won’t get past Cincy but if he did fall to us… then I’d think we would have some serious trade offers and I’d weigh that heavily.

However I wouldn’t say no to Sewell. He’s a stud for sure.

But that would tie up a ton of equity in our OL. Which wouldn’t be wise. I think we would be better off trading down and drafting the best defensive player on the board.

Laremy Tunsil got Miami what turned out to be 4OA…Decker has a lesser contract than BongMask Dummy too…