Penei Sewell

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Every time the last guy pronounces it soo-WELL I die a little inside.

Penei is actually just Superman’s brother, Soo-El. Like his brother, he took up a fake career to blend in with society.


Any thread featuring the best player on the team deserves more replies.


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I think I could name 4 better players on our roster;)

You deserve this…


Amen brother. Holmes getting this guy as his first pick is awesome. Dude is a legitimate stud at 23. Truly a generational talent.


I hope you guys are right.
I think Sewell is well above average but “generational” or even best player on our roster is utterly debatable.

Amon RA
Rags*when healthy

Decker is a better OT IMO and plays a more premium position.


Penei, Amon Ra, and Hutch are the 3 young, culture leaders of this franchise. They will be Lions for 8-10 years+ and that’s how I know this franchise will be contenders for the next decade. I love so many players on this team but as of today, these are our 3 best players and most important for me.

Decker, Rags, and Jared Goff are also way up there in terms of best players/culture setters as our veteran leaders of the team. Easily the 6 most important players on our Detroit Lions as of today.

Next year we add a bunch more to the list as Gibbs, LaPorta, Branch, Joseph, Alim, JACK, and hopefully Jamo :pray:t2: are ready to join the ranks among the best players at their positions.

My favorite sports franchise is finally becoming what I always dreamed it would be!


Penei Sewell

Just 23 years old–October 9, 2000

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Penei is another example of Brad overdrafting low value positions. Right tackle in the top 10? What a wasted opportunity. He gets to block chumps like Maxx Crosby each week. No wonder he’s looking good.

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This is fun to look back on…

Hopefully @CuriousHusker isn’t a betting man. :wink:

This TEAM, man!
Young buck who is literally afraid of NO ONE!
I mean, caption that look on his face!


I wonder what AD ate for lunch the next day after Penei took his lunch money and slapped his mama?

Even though we lost.

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He’ll get better technically as he gets older, but what puts him in that upper tier for me is his athleticism. I don’t think there’s another tackle in the league who’s anywhere close to the level of athlete he is. He can do things most guys can’t, and because of that, we as an offense can do a lot of things other teams can’t. Ben said it last year, we design plays around his ability to move. There’s no other tackle in the league you can say that about.


Does fantasy football for small sums of money count? I think there’s some cutout in which that type of thing doesn’t count as gambling.

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It’s actually not legal to play and deposit money on to yahoo fantasy sports. Which is hilarious because gambling is literally legal in Michigan. I have to drive across the border to register for leagues every year.


Made Crosby his bitch.

Someone please make a meme of Sewell rocking Crosby like a baby.

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