Per Rappaport, Panthers have found their Head Coach^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

That leaves the Commanders and the Seahawks? Am I missing anyone?


This is a good hire imo

Canales worked with both geno and baker, made geno smith a pro bowler, revitalized baker

Big question is how he will build his staff, but its a good hire on paper for Carolina.

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1 year experience calling plays to head coach for a lunatic of an owner. This won’t end well.

Hopefully he gets more than 10 games


Tbf to Canales, hes got some QB magic in his arsenal with how hes made geno and baker look

Like i said, question is how will he build his staff.

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Matt Patricia is available…

Wish the guy well. He better win quickly. The owner cycles through coaches like Patricia went through peanut butter cups


I don’t wish the guy too much “well”. Every nfc team is the competition, and I love the way Tepper runs the Panthers, as a Lions fan. So, here’s to hoping he presides over the first 0-17 season, fired in 3 years, and f■■■ the Panthers. Yeah, that about sums it up.

So I guess even if Canales is a minority, the Bucs won’t get any comp picks since he was only there for one year, right?

That’s the rule. Gotta be 2 years with team before promotion

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Bad example. Peanut butter cups are amazing.

Haha they are good. I’m referencing the Senior Bowl when Patricia coached it. Was sponsored by Reese’s and Fatty P was eating them during the game on the sidelines.

Not sure if people remember that moment.


Only dude that wanted that job ?


Yep! Man, it was only been four years ago. Sheila, Brad, and Dan’s meteoric rise makes it seem like so much longer… I wish I could give each of them a hug for healing the hurt. :hugs:

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Can’t be lining up.

Since buying the Panthers in 2018, they have compiled a 31-68 record and 6 head coaches in that span.(David Tepper - Wikipedia)

6 different head coaches in 6 years

Patricia can run the offense and Joe Barry can run the defense. If that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will?

I really wonder how true this is……

Canales certainly doesn’t have the most impressive tesume from this group…

and that was a list made before Vrabel was available….

and…. Canales did make a few QBs looks better than average…

with DK, Lockett, Evans, and Godwin at WR….


Not gonna lie
I never heard of the dude until now

Hmm? I coached city basketball. I wonder what it pays?

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