PFF Lions Bears week 11

Why do posts with more than 6 words bother you. Better yet, why be cunty and keep responding to me sarcastically? There are other threads, other posts, why?

are these not facts?

Kerby has regressed
Houston wasn’t impressing in camp, now hurt
Rodrigo lost his job
Sorsdal is rated under freaking 45
Bro Mart can’t beat our Benito who rates 47
James Mitchell?
Chase Lucas?

Maybe the fact that all but one guy drafted outside the top 45 overall picks is struggling.

Yes they’ve done amazing- but not beyond reproach bud

Why yes, yes he did. Rather embarrassingly so, if I may add.

That draft was a grand slam…

Calling Iffy reliable depth piece at just 16% of the snaps when our secondary is struggling at times doesn’t make sense? Before this year he was rated poorly and constantly hurt too?

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I literally have said that I agree with some of your comments and that they, BH and DC, aren’t above reproach. Obviously, based on your response, I have upset you and for that I apologize.

Posts longer than six words don’t bother me at all, however, sometimes all those extra words are just redundant and not needed.

You definitely added a chuckle to my day and for that; Thanks.
Appreciate the name calling as well, adds some class to your posts. Hilarious.
Have a great night and week. still laughing out loud.

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I thought the same thing when I saw it.
I’m like, “Oh shit, now he’s going to have ammunition.”

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Without “extra words”it would simply be…

  • We need pass rush and corner help bad!

  • “no we don’t, because if we did Brad would have certainly made it happen at the deadline dumbass!”

How can anyone look at Bro Mart or Hooker picks and feel confident we will be getting starting lineup help in round 3 next year?

Otherwise we are talking really getting serious in 2025?

Shouldn’t have said what I said, my bad-

I just don’t understand your need to be critical. Just ignore it.

Go back and read half your den brothers going nuclear during the game. Wanting to fire all kinds of people and replace lots of players.

The fact is we are winning with heart… OL play- and the combo of Goff-ASB-LaPorta-Gibby-Monty…

We shall see

I missed McNeill- he’s awesome. My fault

I loved Houston- I didn’t understand Glenn sending him to the PS last year- or criticizing him for not being starting caliber SLB this year.

It would be like Ben being pissed that Jamo can’t play tight end full time.


Game threads drive me nuts, but I realize that is emotions of the Fanatic Lion fans speaking live and many don’t mean it. So I try not to base posts or comments on those, I fail I succeed, such is life.

As I said more than once, I agree with some of your points but just get tired of the constant books…and Your simplified version said it well much better than the books.
But to post that wouldn’t drive how smart you are compared to the actual front office. Their plan has showed results, all moving forward in the larger picture from where I sit. the 20/20 analysis is easy.

To practice what I preach:

Sometimes less is more.

Fair enough…

Why play fantasy football? Gamble on FanDuel or DK?

Why read articles, or even pay for sites to read opinion based content?

I surely don’t think I’m smarter than Holmes, but I do think sometimes even a great chef over cooks a ribeye or doesn’t use enough salt. Just saying.

Alim, barnes, arsb, joseph average starter to all pro level performers.

Paschal, houston and to a lesser extent mitchell Rotational pieces with upside

Rodriguez, iffy, lucas, sorsdal (who to me is between the previous category and this) Depth and special teams guys with limited upside

Bromart, green, and jefferson Project/flyer

You may downgrade some of the above but i find it hard to say that the top 4 are anything less than low level starter would be a stretch.

Paschal (health) and houston (discipline) are likely two high upside guys that when healthy are rotational at a minimum.

Rodriguez is limited but big time specialist and looks to be finding a role at fb, iffy is a walking injury but athletically gifted, lucas is limited to specialist, and sorsdal is learning a new role but has been flipped sides and played way worse yesterday than he did the other game at rg.

I say all of the above to say that 4 starter level players and a few rotational pieces found after pick 45, is a lot better in my mind than most nfl teams do over 3 years. As a matter of fact, EVERY DRAFT PICK of holmes is still on the roster and the team is 8-2.

Now are there players that could have been better selections, absolutely, and holmes isnt perfect or above reproach but can we at least acknowledge that he actually has found a few guys outside of amon ra that are starting to show a bit of what he saw when he drafted them? Barnes/McNeil namely as the most productive ones this year not named arsb.

Guys with 50 ratings are pretty commonly known to be sup par starters.

ASB, Alim, and to a lesser extent Barnes are all playing great to fine.

Paschal, Levi, Bro Mart, Iffy, Mitchell, Green, Lucas, Rodrigo are playing less than 40 combined defensive snaps a game… and outside a super small sample size Iffy… all are rated poorly.

Sorsdal and Campbell are playing poorly too, but being forced into action for different reasons.

To be fair- if you keep every draft pick you make, cut or trade guys you didn’t draft…. The. Yes your draft picks are all depth.

When they post 45 ratings when forced into action, I’m not sure that’s a good thing though?

It is if you win :man_shrugging:

Joseph has not played well. He has missed tackles, taking bad angles, and he is often late getting there in deep coverage. I expect CJGJ will be replacing him when he comes back.
Sorsdal has looked good in the run game but he looks lost in pass protection when the defense runs stunts. I think he will be ok if he is left at one position like RG. In the 3 games he has played he played RT in one game, RG in another and LG Sunday. That has to be hard on a rookie.

Regardless of his PFF score, it’s cool that he’s getting this experience, as it will just accelerate his growth. Nothing like live bullets in this league!

Knives are quieter…amatuers

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Yeah Joseph really needs to step up down the stretch.

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