PFF top five bottom five week dos

Not sure if this data has been posted before but here it is

Top 5 Offense

Amon Ra 87.7
Decker 81.8
Wright 73.5
Reynolds 68.5
Brown 68.4
(Skippper 66.8)

Bottom 5 offense
Stenberg 43.6
Chark 47.0
Zylstra 48.3
Hockenson 50.1
Nelson 53.4

Top 5 defense
Board 79.5
Cominsky 78.9
Will Harris 76.5
Malcom 74.2
Walker 71.2
(Okudah 67.6)

Bottom 5 defense
Charles Harris 49.8
B Jones 52.7
Elliot 53.3
Biggs 57.7
Hutch 57.7


Interesting that Hutch would get 3 sacks and several QB pressures but still end with a 57.7. :man_shrugging:


It’s almost as if PFF just assigns numbers to subjective observations and then pretends they’re objective measurements.


It’s definitely peculiar and a case where production doesn’t match the grade. 58.7 isn’t horrible but not what I expected. It’s nice though to see the bottom grades not be in the low 30’s


The interesting thing is that these are not the Harrises you would expect. Will Harris is the higher rated, I’m pretty sure, based on this article:

I thought he played really well. He got beat a couple times, but on really good throws in really tight coverage, and he did his absolute best to break those passes up- the WRs made really good catches on both.

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Which Harris is sub 50? Will?

Nope. Charles.

See, this is one problem I have PFF. I don’t think they weight impactful plays enough. Charles Harris’ strip sack is on it’s own enough to make a sub 50 rating a non-starter IMO. To be clear I LOVE PFF from an entertainment POV.


That is a very good point, game changing plays like strip sacks or interceptions should be huge increases in scores. Even if a player gets dominated for 3 plays in a row in the run game, but then forces a turnover, that’s a game changing play. Hutch ended 3 drives with sacks. He forced 3 punts by himself, that’s huge when you consider a team usually only gets 10-12 drives per game.


Totally. Didn’t even notice Hutch’s laughable grade. PFF scoring also doesn’t take into account him playing on one leg for over half the game.


Two rookies. Interesting.

Both Hutch and Harris were playing injured in the second half and didn’t have much of an impact. I’m not saying I agree with the grades, just that their second half performance may have factored into it.


A few years ago I thought it would be fun to apply for a job with PFF as a side gig. Every week we were assigned a college game to watch and review. Our job was to identify the players involved in a play on offense and defense and then list what position they were playing.

Sounds simple, but it was wildly inconsistent. For example, an outside linebacker lined up right on the line of scrimmage would need to be marked as a defensive end or tackle, depending on where he was when the ball was snapped. Or, a safety within 5 yards of the LOS would need to be considered a LB or even a DE/DT if he was right on the LOS. It was wildly inconsistent and it seemed to be dependent on who was grading our results any particular week.

If it’s still like that it’s hard to imagine there is a lot of consistency and logic to the grades.


My understanding is that it’s all been offshored now, so you’ve got that to build into the error model.


Exactly right. I just edited the OP for clarity :beers:

PFF is laughable for me. Hutch has 3 sacks, all huge impact plays and graded out meh. Swift had 8 touches, 87 yards and a game changing TD, and he graded out meh. I mean what else was he supposed to do considering he was questionable. He produced big numbers on very few touches. Charles Harris has a strip sack and again, meh.

It’s a meh correlation at best to how somebody played. I honestly think there isn’t much thought put into at this point. They get by on reputation.

I just don’t give PFF a ton of credibility. For me it’s just meh :joy:


It’s being done in India by people who have never played football or even watched it before they started grading it. They have an over sight person who is experienced who spot checks the grades (supposedly) and that’s how PFF claims experts look at it.

It’s for entertainment purposes only.

They do not know football they do not know the assignments so the grades are pretty much useless.


Imagine living in India answering calls for Comcast during the day and grading football plays at night.

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why I take PFF with a half grain of salt anyway…