Pistons sign Malik Beasley


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So, this is a good thing?

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He’s probably the best bench player we’ve had since D-Rose, which we badly need.


You can never have enough shooters, and Beasley is a good one.

With it being just a one year deal, he will probably end up being traded at the deadline, and will net us another asset.

Nice pick up. Surprised on why were not trading for draft capital though

We’ve still got about $20M in space to do that

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Must be that the 25 draft is going to be a good one - no one is letting those picks go. Our luck - when we have money no one is selling.

Actually maybe signed to the room exemption and we still have 28 mil

2025 is going to be really good. Way better then 2024

Yep, it’s a talented, and deep draft.

The real question is who will be available when we pick at #5

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Beasley started 77 games for the Bucks last year. He isn’t going to be a bench player for the worst team in the league. Welcome to the bench, Mr. Ivey.


I wouldn’t hate that either

looks like all of a sudden, we may be able to shoot the ball.

Ok different dude …I was thinking of Michael Beasley

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Michael Beasley actually plays for the Shanghai Sharks in China now.

Or at least, that’s where he was the last time I heard.

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Beasley is an off ball sharpshooter. Unless Cade is playing point, which would be a disaster, defensively, Beasley is gonna be 6th man.

Hardaway is cooked. That 2nd half was uhhhgly. Also, cant play any D at all.

Some unholy combo of Holland/Thompson/Beasley

Klintman is an effective redshirt and the last 2 spots are gonna be taxi squad/Gleague fodder

That defense is still donkey balls. Long, but not overly quick and not much committment to that end beyond Thompson and Stew.

25 wins, max.

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You thijnk Ivey is going to be out PG? I mean… it could happen, but it is ignoring every shred of actual evidence by stating that it is going to happen. Stick Ivey on the bench, he can be our backup PG, he needs the ball in his hands to be effective anyways.

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Ivey seems like he could carve out a nice career as backup PG

Like Lindsey Hunter

He is going to slot in there at the 1, but really play more of an off ball 2 with Cade as the primary ball handler.

Kerr, Paxson and BJ Arnstrong played the 1, but the ball went through Mike and Pippen.

They especially need him to break doen defenses if Holland isnt out there, as Cade is slow and Harris is a spot up small stretch 4.

JR Rider is another pretty good example of a guy who was all basket attack coming out of school, but over time the jumper came. Ivey to me is a lot like JR. Cade is a slower Grant Hill, or even moreso Paul George.

Early JR Rider
Paul George lite
Iguodala and high-mid case outcome Michael Finley (Ausar and Holland)
Uncle Cliffy w/o the D and 2 inches.
Dwight Howard w/o the rim protection, so…Walt Bellamy?

and those are peak comps (except Holland who has a low % chance of being Jimmy Butler. And Butler wasnt really Jimmy Butler til year.4 or 5)

Stew is Xavier McDaniel
Beasley is Will Barton
Fontecchio is Bench Bojan

The D on this team is trash.