Place Your Bets

Chargers favored by 3 in Detroit.
Packers favored by 3 in Green Bay over Vikings
Chiefs favored by 7 in Oakland.
I’m tempted to take the Broncos and the 2.5 points in Denver against the Bears. Vic Fangio will probably know how to play defense against Trubisky.

Anyone else have thoughts on where to lay the money?

I’d take the Vikings straight up, I think they pummel the Packers.


Was kind of thinking about the Vikings too. I am concerned about Green Bays improved defense though, but I may play the Vikings and take the points still.

Yup - to me, that’s the safest bet.

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Hope I’m wrong, but I feel like the Broncos lose to the Bears.
Also hope I’m wrong in that the Vikings will murder GB.
Predictions - Bears over Broncos by 7, and Vikings over Pack by 14

Hoping for - Major defensive slug outs that wear all 4 teams out and end in OT. Would love to see Bears lose and Vikes lose.

I’m not scared of GB at all. I think we sweep them.
I’d love to split with MN.

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Tennessee covers, Arizona easily covers (yup i’ll be the first to say Lamar J won’t look that good and will struggle) and I believe the packers win by over 7

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You named some good ones. I’d take Vikings over Packers, with the 3 points. I guess to give one I would take a stab at that others might not mention…I would take Dolphins and the 19 points.

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Wow! Hope you are right about that Packer thing, dude!

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I’d take the Browns laying 2 1/2 to the Jets, now that Darnold is out. I think Cleveland will bounce back in a big way. Not sure how the Jets will even score without Darnold.

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Hmm, I did not even know Darnold was out.

He has mono and Le’veon is having an MRI on his shoulder… They have no offense.

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Cool, thanks for that info.

I like that Tennessee covers too.

Everyone staying away from the Lions game?
I’ll say the Lions cover and win against the Bolts!!
Why not … home field, home opener, pissed off about last week, banged up opponent
Victory coming…
1-0-1 undefeated start to season! :roll_eyes:


NE -19 @ MIa…lol

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That is interesting too. I wonder if they pull Brady in the 3rd or early 4th quarter if winning by 24+?
I can see the Dolphins being shut out completely before they pull Brady, if they do pull him.

That’s how I felt last week until I saw the coaching and substitution blunders.
Now I am not so Lion friendly. I thought last week’s game was a given win.

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I’ll take the Vikings.

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To me, that has sucker bet written all over it. Three scores at home to the worse team today?

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Damn Matt Millen…er…I mean Matt Patricia.
I laid $25 down on the Lions and took the points.

The bets I placed so far.

Risk: $20.00
Return: $20.00

Risk: $20.00
Return: $16.67

Risk: $20.00
Return: $17.39

Risk: $25.00
Return: $20.83