Poll: Should we rest players for Week 18?

  • Rest 'em
  • Play 'em
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I’m a Rest 'em. I view this as a bye for the Lions, because even though there’s a long shot at a No. 2 seed, it doesn’t meet the risk of an injury or additional wear and tear on key players who could use the week off.

And that would have a domino effect.

For example, give Ragnow’s foot a week off. He hasn’t been 100% all year. So if this week would give him an advantage, do it. But with Ragnow out, it makes little sense to give too much reps to Goff, Monty, Gibbs, and maybe even Decker and Sewell. Same goes for LaPorta.

I do think giving snaps to Houston and CJGJ makes sense. Not a ton, but a handful to help them get their feet.

My biggest point is, treat this like a preseason game. Maybe let the starters play for a quarter or so, otherwise, SIT them and keep 'em healthy. All it takes is one play to ruin the season, and so many individual players feel “make or break” for this team.


I voted play them although I don’t think you play them the entire game.
There are things from the Dallas game that need to improve on the O side of the ball.
Best way to do that is in live game situation over practice.
Then, who you play on the OL, or don’t play, determines what I do at QB.


Yeah, I’m concerned about the offense.

We were 4/13 on third down, I think. That is cataclysmically awful. If we do that in the first round, we’ll get laughed out of the stadium.

Technically, I could go either way, but I could see Dan wanting a ‘tune up’ against Minnesota and playing them for a quarter or half.


This, plus it looks like Minny will be playing for their lives so things could get cheap out there

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Play them and see what the halftime results are. Adjust to suit.


I’m sure we are pissed off still, but gotta be smart here.

The worst think that could happen is a significant injury to a key player.

Letting this anger boil for a week isn’t a bad option

In fact, I think it’s smart to do so


Our O scored 41 on the road coming out of our bye week. Rest 'em.


id say rest them, but…

beating minny means their 3rd is now a higher pick for us

as pointed out in JMAN’s thread, could go up to #73

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Great point… we need to rest our starters and still win now.

Hopefully they play that bum Jaren Hall at QB

Rest 'em.

Sit Ragnow and any other starter that shows up on the injury report.

Goff should play a few series and then sit for Teddy. No Hooker.

Get Montgomery to 1,000 yards (he needs 25) and then sit him for Craig Reynolds. I’d like to see Gibbs get 1,000 too, but he needs 85 yards and I don’t want to put a heavy load on him so give him 8-10 carries to try to get there and if he’s not close wrap him up.

Cycle out the other starters through the game. Rodriguez, JRM, Jacobs, Gilmore, Dorsey, W Harris, Martin, Levi, Walker, R Okwara, J Okwara, C Harris, Wright, Mitchell, Skipper, Sorsdal, Awosika, DPJ, Green - they won’t all be active but those that are should see plenty of snaps in the second half.

Give CJGJ some snaps to get him back up to speed.

With all that said, when Campbell was asked about potentially resting players if a playoff spot was secure he said “players can rest after the season” so I fully expect it will be starters most or all of the game.

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We need to be 100% on track going into the play offs. You don’t want to enter the playoffs on a 2 game losing streak.

You want teams to fear coming into Detroit.


You pick and choose is the way I’d play it

If certain guys are dinged up a little you rest them

The NFC East plays the late games, to me it’s very conceivable both Philly and Dallas loses on the road

I don’t view this as a bye week at all but with that being said, guys like Decker, Rags and maybe a few others would benefit being inactive


Dallas is a 2 TD favorite

Washington has a better chance than FSU tho I’ll give them that


Heavy dose of Teddy, Craig, DPJ, Green, Mitchell, backup OL, Charles Harris Julian O, Paschsl, Levi, Barnes, Tracey, Dorsey, Gilmore, Willl Harris etc

Division game, Rivera’s probably gone, I think the team will play hard for him

Maybe I’m wrong

Unless you’re mathematically eliminated from the 2 seed, which we’re not, you play em’. But be smart about it.


What are the seeding implications?
How many home playoff games do we get?
I gotta tell ya, the thought of our fans filling another teams stadium again, after the NFL deliberately ■■■■■■ us after filling every stadium for our road games really pisses me off.
Seriously, this isn’t going away for me. It’s just happened way too many times.
If I were Sheila, I seriously would forfeit Sunday, the playoffs, and spend my time looking for a buyer. I’d also make damn sure the NFL never saw another penny of Ford money.
They’ve been pulling this shit for 60 ■■■■■■■ years. Beyond ENOUGH!
Too much.

I put that on Dan and Ben largely though.

If we decided NOW, that we weren’t going for it on longer than 4th and 1… period- likely changes so of what we do.

The fact that they call silly plays on 3rd
Down expecting to use 4th down impacts those metrics in my opinion.

Exactly. On one hand, it’s said that everybody’s dinged up this time of year. OTOH, some guys are more dinged up than others. It’d be silly not to give recovery time to guys who can really benefit from it.

But here’s the thing that stands out for me: the roughest part of the regular season came right after the real bye.

Having held the Raiders to 14 going into the bye, the defense gave up 38 to a Chargers team missing a bunch of starters, including 2 of its top 3 receivers. Won that game on a walk-off FG. Could EASILY have lost to the Bears after that. Sandwiched losses to the Packers and Bears around a 5-pt win against the Saints after that.

So let’s not assume that resting guys is all to the good.

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I kinda expected us to rest a bunch of guys. But Coach Campbell said the exact opposite today.

Now maybe he’s just saying that for people to watch the game. He can’t exactly say we’re sitting everyone so you best go fishing Sunday. But I sure would enjoy that if he did

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I don’t know but I’m a believer that teams come out flat many times after they are rested. I say rest anyone who is dinged up and see how the game progresses. If Goff is under a lot of pressure then get him out of there. He’s the key to a successful playoff run.