Poorly Coached = Poorly Played

This is a joke, no discipline whatsoever.

We are in deep doo-doo at backup QB.

Someone tell Fales to THROW the football…

If Stafford gets hurt, we might as well put everyone with a bruise on IR and tank for a better draft pick. Fales has some good tools. He’s also nowhere close to belonging on a 53 man roster. Hopefully Johnson can settle in and give us a fighting chance if we don’t have Stafford for a game or two.


We had more penalties in the first quarter than most teams have in an entire game. Beating yourself is not the Patriot Way.

Bob Kraft would agree. Get someone else to beat you. (Too soon?)


Week 3 Preseason:

Lions: 9 Penalties - 81 Yards
Bills: 12 Penalties - 106 Yards

Packers: 12 Penalties -127 Yards
Raiders: 9 Penalties - 87 Yards

Panthers: 9 Penalties - 88 Yards
Patriots: 8 Penalties - 80 Yards

We had 6 in the first 16 minutes, with our number ones. Wanna compare your stats to what our number ones did?

No, but feel free to, and we can then discuss.

LOL, OK…you want to throw out some numbers ostensibly to show it isn’t just us. But you don’t want to discuss the merits of my point unless I do your work for you. Not a buyer. I made this post last night in the middle of this crap that was coming from the #1’s. Really dude, you were OK with it because if you weren’t I don’t know where you’re going with this line of “thought”.

Uh, no. You tried to make the point that the Lions were poorly coached and played poorly. Your penalties argument doesn’t hold up. Lions penalties are same and on par as other teams. I even said dig them up for 1st Quarter stats and we can discuss. Maybe you are right, but I doubt it.
Compare them across other games and teams.

His penalty argument might hold up. Your counter-evidence was not specific enough. CJ specifically said “first quarter” and you gave “full game” stats.

Burden is still on you to find the stat, IMO, not CJ.

I guess we’ll never know because I refuse to be drug into an argument I know I have already won by someone who seemingly thinks that simply saying something is true makes it true.

Actually, it didn’t and I provided the stats contradicting his initial point.

“We had more penalties in the first quarter than most teams have in an entire game. Beating yourself is not the Patriot Way.”

But you cited his 2nd point in your rebuttal, so…

Daft?? Again…
“We had more penalties in the first quarter than most teams have in an entire game.”
Proved to be not true. Old saying, everyone is entitled their own opinion, but no one is entitled to their own facts.

Ah, move the goal posts if you can’t be right and hope the new narrative works. An old one but a good one.

Yeah, he didn’t move the goalposts. You did. You claimed that we had more penalties in one quarter than other teams had in an entire game. He showed you our total penalties for the whole game are on par with other teams.

Not only did he prove you wrong, he proved you very wrong.


This was a very simple point, I posted that we played poorly and were poorly coached early in the second quarter. Do the math from when I posted it. We did, and we had 6 penalties in the first 16 minutes. The fact that this was our #1’s only made it worse. Did I exaggerate my point with my comment that we had as many in that time as most teams have in a game? Well, by not saying that other teams #1’s didn’t do that makes me guilty of stating the obvious and thinking that that would be enough for most people I plead guilty. On message boards you have the homers like Pdono who is going to argue anything that doesn’t support his belief that this is a ten win team. The fact that we are NOT talking about, “Poorly Coached = Poorly Played” and instead are talking about how my claim with re to penalties was incorrect is proof of how this stuff just falls apart fast. SO, is a team that is playing game #3 in preseason guilty of my point, THE most important game of preseason BTW, or am I wrong? WHAT NFL team that was playing it’s #1’s had 6 penalties in 16 minutes besides us? This is how 6-10 happens. I couldn’t believe how ill prepared we were when the Jets rolled us at home with a rookie QB last year. Anyone else nervous about deja frickin’ vu besides me here? But Casanova, you were wrong about how many penalties most teams have in a game!!! Yeah, but not wrong about their #1’s and not wrong about how ill prepared/poorly coached we were for that game.


Bengals - 5

Giants - 5

Redskins - 6

Our penalties in the 1st quarter - false start (glasgow), hold (hock), hold (aboushi), Jones (roughing passer - a lame call, by the way),

That’s 4.

Not going to count A’Shawn’s taunts since they were 2nd quarter.

Whatever point either of you are trying to make isn’t worth it. It’s a f-ing scrimmage.

Aboushi isn’t a 1.

2 taunts by A’Shawn, big whoop. If he does it in a real game, then it’s a bigger deal.

Hock is a rookie and he goofed up.

False starts are no big deal either.

Preseason games are meaningless.