Positives, despite an ugly win

3 sacks, no sacks allowed, 8 (8!) Pass defenses, no turnovers and +2 turnover ratio.

They handed us the first half, we tried to hand them the second, but still pulled it together. We were outgained overall and per play, had 9 penalties to their 4, and still beat a supposed Superbowl candidate on the road.


This win was so un-Lion like it was beautiful to watch!


We still lack that killer instinct. Hopefully it’s something that develops as the season progresses.

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Despite an ugly win? No need to even dig for positives. They won a game in a hostile environment. Philly is tough to beat at home. Good teams find ways to win.


Love the win, but we can’t step on the gas. Could’ve been a lose today.


That is 3 weeks in a row that the Lions could have pulled a SOL and they didn’t. Instead they find a way to hold the other team from getting too many points and the team does just enough to hold on for the win.

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The biggest positive for me is the fact that games like the Chargers and Philly are games that the lions have traditionally found a way to lose…

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The result, maybe, but this game felt like SOL to me…

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Positive? I think our new TE will bounce back next week after two poor weeks.

the secondary didn’t cave when Slay went out.
Actually they saved the day.


Flowers had more tackles this game than the first two games combined.

I think we see a lot more from Hock and James this coming week against KC.

We need Flowers (and Co.) to show up next week big time.

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I believe he also had a forced fumble.

That may be correct.
He was playing over the 3rd string left tackle for the most part, right? He should have had a monster game.

Despite a ugly win???

The fact that we are winning these 50/50 ugly games…against LASt YEARS PLAOFF teams… IS one of the positives…

Maybe we’re more talented, so even when we don’t play the greatest, we can still win some of those games.

To beat KC, Detroit needs a complete game, something we haven’t done yet.


The biggest positive I can take out of this is hopefully catching these teams at the right time the Lions gain some confidence and finally put it together. Playing like this will beat a banged up Chargers and Eagles team but it’s not going to beat the Packers.

He needs to fix that offsides bullshit, though.


Disagree, man.

Developing the mentality of a winner, but the effort is there. Coaches could call it more aggressively, but the players are there.

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