So I don’t know how every one has been this year on the board… but this year has been awful. Lots of personal stuff, friends and family with COVID… quarantine, etc. My fantasy keeper league of 16 years didn’t even have a season this year. My buddies moved away and I can’t go out to watch the lions so I’m sitting here stewing by myself.

So maybe for me, and anyone else having a hard time… I thought we could use some positives. Something… anything.

D’andre swift seemed to bounce back. Had some nice catches.

I thought amani looked ok at corner at times. Seems to play real physical.

Stafford took a lot of shots… and his back seems good so far. Could go a long way for him to play 16 this year.

Cephus for a 5th rounder has looked good at times. Once golladay comes back, he could fit nicely as a rotational big slot guy. (Tough for him to be starting as a 5th round rookie)

Kerryon had some nice plays. Maybe AP last week has motivated him.

Both GB and Chi are 2-0. Maybe they are really good and we aren’t as bad as it seems? (Crosses both fingers)

Taylor decker has played really well. And we have him on a solid long term deal.

Duron harmon has made a few plays.

Our offensive output has been pretty good against some good defenses. Without Kenny golladay. Maybe adding him back we take a good leap starting next week.

Anybody got some other positives?

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I’m living. My wife is happy.


The odds of MP being our head coach in 2021 went down. That’s a big positive IMO.


I stopped touching this cankre sore on my cheek with my tongue and making it worse, so thats nice.

Hock looked good

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We are not arguing about politics and we all have a common enemy. .
(The Losers Leading The Detroit Lions)
We are united


It truly is the SOL that binds us.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or something like that.

Maybe the real Super Bowl is the friends we make along the way…




Yeah, having a political discussion with you is like grinding it out in the playoffs at Lambeau, in December. :slight_smile:


Muah :kissing_heart:

I didn’t break anything…

…the punting looked pretty good.

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That actually did make me LOL.

You said political. Thanks P, you just killed the thread…

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But the “p” was silent, so all good

More fans will be ready for the extreme trade everyone tank scenario soon after a few more losses.

Thats a good thing.

I was ready last year after GB ref-disaster.

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Hock, Swift, Cephus and Jackson are young players the next regime can actually use. Hopefully it’s someone like Bieniemy?

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If not, I’ll kill it. Really wish the Gov would mandate no fans for the rest of the year. Call it a mercy event.


Only 14 more games.