Post-game observations

  1. Levi is thinned out and Julian has put on some weight.
    The Lions site lists Julian at 239, Romeo at 255 and Levi at 290. To the naked eye, I’d put them at 265, 270 and 275. I’m reconsidering writing off Levi. He got pressure without abandoning his gap, and when he drew double-teams he was still able to maintain gap control, freeing up the edge guys, particularly Julian.

  2. Bridgewater was very much a necessity.

  3. Pre-season play-calling is tough to watch. If this teams runs against loaded boxes on 2nd down instead of passing with Jamo lined up wide one-on-one with no Safety help during the regular season, I may quit football.

  4. Major-league man-crush forming on Captain Jack. Loved his interviews during the combine, but love his play better, especially the pre-snap reads, adjustments and communication. Can’t express how much I love having him as a Lion.


The way he diagnosed plays and made his move was amazing. He was shot out of a cannon getting to his assignment on the pass breakup he had. And on the 3rd down play where he shed the blocker and stuff the runner, holy shit, he threw that offensive lineman to the side and kept his shoulder square to the LOS.

Great stuff!


At first I was really excited by his play tonight, but then I learned his positional value was really low. Apparently the Lions would be better off having someone who couldn’t make those plays.


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After all he was a 2nd rounder. He does have talent. He just needs to get on the field.

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We heard a lot about Green, then Drummond throughout camp.
Last night Cota was hey, don’t forget about me.


Another player whose stock went up per Birkett. Campbell comments at end.

WR Chase Cota : The Oregon product has flown far under the radar in the battle for a receiver job this fall, but he led the Lions with four catches and 60 yards receiving Friday. Two of Cota’s catches came on third down, all four went for first downs and he had a fifth nullified by penalty. An undrafted rookie with good size (6 feet 4, 205 pounds), Cota earned a bump up the depth chart and more playing time with the second-team offense next week, Campbell said.


Cap is like…. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Welcome back brother.
And welcome to the Captain Jack club. There are alot of players on this team who could be favorites. But there’s only one Captain Jack, my favorite Lion by far. (Sorry, Ra, Penei, Frank, Rodrigo, BB). He’s the LB I’ve been waiting for since Stephen Boyd went away and a long list (Bailey, Sims, VanNoy, Davis, etc etc) failed after him. No way Jack is going to fail.


Barnes made a bad play, and some solid plays, Jack made good plays, and so did Rodrigo

again, i feel like we actually have a good 4 LB core here, and its been a long time since we did have one


That was a lesson in how to play the run. If Rodrigo had longer arms, he would be able to do it too. We haven’t had that in…forever.


I thought Colby Sorsdal was steady if not spectacular-- quick and in good position, though not bulldozing anyone. Not everyone one was as impressed as me though. From Max Gerber at Lions Wire:

“On the offensive line, fifth-round pick Colby Sorsdal started the game at right guard and it became evident that there would be a learning curve for the former William & Mary lineman.”

Who knew that a rookie would have a learning curve? LOL I liked what I saw from The Big Cheese.


I think he was steady and consistent. Good first game for a rookie.


Spielman comments with Peter Schraeger
Lions special assistant Chris Spielman popped in for a few minutes to end the broadcast. Spielman said the team’s defensive line is one of the strengths of the team, contrary to popular belief, and noted second-year edge rusher James Houston had been in the backfield all night.

“The difference…between two years ago and now in our defense is that we have depth everywhere,” Spielman said. “What depth creates is competition. We didn’t have competition two years ago. We had a little bit of competition a year ago but not enough for my liking.”


I think the reason Houston is low on the depth chart is pretty much cause hes a one trick pony (pass rush)

Team is trying to get him to do more, but i think hes prolly gonna be just a yannick type player, really good at pass rush, not so much at other stuff.

Gives him alot of good to great value, and if OT’s cant adapt to him, hes gonna be in the league for a long time, be it with us or other teams.

but for now, hes our Houston, and he is Da Problem for the other 31 teams in the nfl rn


So our 4th round backup talent did OK, good to know.

I thought paschal, cominsky, and levi all played well in their reps with levi being the one with a bad pass rush rep where he vacated his rush lane.

Campbell, branch, and gibbs showed out.

Jamo and laporta both showed the athletic traits and desire to be successful, both dropped passes they should have caught that would have made their nights look better.

Martin needs to get his pad level down consistently.

Harris shouldnt make this team…


Really excited for Campbell and Branch. These guys are going to be studs on the D.


Gotta give a nod to JRM, too. He’s a good backup and ST player to have on the roster.

Oh boy. I’m afraid to ask where that one comes from.