Post your 2023 Mocks Draft Simulator

Even if We are in a Playoff push I will admit it, I’ve been running simulations already. Thanks to the LA pick. I used the ProFootballNetwork simulator ( 2023 NFL Mock Draft Simulator - Pro Football Network ).

1st round - With the 4th overall pick the Detroit Lions select DT Jalen CARTER from Georgia
With the 1st overall pick, the Houston Texans select Bryce Young, with the 2nd pick, the Chicago Bears select Will Anderson and with the 3rd pick, Seattle Seahawks select Myles Murphy. I pass on CJ Stroud, I’m confident with Jeff Goff to lead the team.

1st round - Witht he 18th overall pick the Detroit Lions select EDGE Isaiah FOSKEY from Notre Dame
Lions are building a monster DLine with Hutch, Cominsky, Houston, McNeill, Carter and Foskey. We can trade or cut Romeo even if I like this guy but we have several and great options to replace him (and his bro).
I hesite to pick Christian Gonzalez (Porter is gone earlier) but I prefer to reinforce our pass rush and if the pass rush is great, the DB’s life is easiest. Bijan Robinson is gone just one pick before but I assume we will resign Jamaal Williams. I love too the ND kid TE Michael Mayer who is a great player but the TE class is deep and we can chose one later.

2nd round - With the 48th pick the Detroit Lions select TE Dalton KINCAID from Utah
Ok not a 1st round for a TE again but we need to build a good corps of TE. Kincaid is the great pass catcher who can help Goff when is receivers are covered.

2nd round - With the 60th pick the Detroit Lions select LB Jack CAMPBELL from Iowa
Defense again ! A solid player to complete our LB corps with Anzalone, Rodrigo and Campbell. I love this trio.

3rd round - With the 79th pick the Detroit Lions select RB Chase BROWN from Illinois
With the new contract for Williams, I want a new third down back to replace the injury prone DeAndre Swift and the probable departure of Jonah Jackson. Brown won the 2022 Jon Cornish Trophy (earned by the top canadian player in NCAA) after being the second-leading rusher in college football that season with over 1,600 yards.

4th round - no selection

5th round - With the 148th pick the Detroit Lions select CB Riley MOSS from Iowa
I fill the CB depth with Riley Moss who can compete for a starting job again Will Harris, Jerry Jacobs and Will Lucas. Moss joined his teamates Jack Campbell in Detroit.

6th round - With the 167th pick the Detroit Lions select PK Jake MOODY from Michigan
A local guy who have accuracy and strong leg, time to replace Badgley ?

6th round - With the 179 pick the Detroit Lions select OG Sidy SOW from Central Michigan
I add some depth on the OLine with another Canadian guy (CQ), from a local university and one of the best big guy in the mid-american conference.

I would definitely go with a db with the 1B pick and maybe even in the 2nd round.


Agreed. I feel like if we did absolutely nothing to our DLine it would still be a solid group who could take another step in 2023. Now I’m still advocating for Cater or Anderson at the top because they can make a good unit elite, it I would not double dip. Our Achilles heel is our pass defense. We need a couple more good cover guys back there more than anything else.


Obviously a bit early. Just did this on the NFL mock draft database simulator which I tend to find the most believable. Anyhow I’d be pretty happy with the following.

1a. Jalen Carter DT. Top 3 were Stroud, Anderson and Murphy - although Carter was top of my board.
1b. Devon Witherspoon CB. Gonzalez, Ringo, Porter and Smith all gone. But I like the culture fit with ‘Spoon’ and the connection with Kerby from Illinois.
2a: Cody Mauch OG / OT. Bit of a potential folk hero with his red hair and lack of teeth. Starts at right guard and offers tackle versatility.
2b: JL Skinner S/LB. Bit of a hybrid linebacker / safety / nickel. Big guy - hits like a truck.
3: Jack Campbell LB. Just seems like a good football player.
5: Israel Abanikanda RB. Has been very good at Pittsburgh. And we need a RB.
6a: Cam Ward QB. If he declares - I doubt he’ll fall this far. But I really like Ward.
6b: Puka Nacua WR. Big physical receiver. Very competitive - sounds like a Lions-type.


Moody is Baggley and he doesn’t have a strong leg. Like Baggley after 50 your chances are slim.


I hope you sign a CB in FA.

I don’t think we’ll be drafting a pass-catching TE that high. I could definitely see someone like Darnell Washington but the Kincaids, Musgraves, and Krafts will probably go elsewhere.

Plus I think Brad and Co. will want to see what they really have with Mitchell once he’s fully healed and given that it usually takes longer to adjust to the NFL at TE than at any other position. And given’s Brad’s success in the later rounds, I really want to see what we have in Mitchell too.

I also think Riley Moss goes waaaaay before that. I know a couple of the simulators are lower on him than others, but he’s already starting to rise. That’s why I like to use the mockdraftdatabase, their rankings are more consensus and they update it regularly by pulling out guys who go back to school like Nix and Nubin. PFN takes forever to do their updates.

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I like it - A LOT

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I will do a Mock Draft, however mine are more towards Feb/March-ish.

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So here’s an answer to what happens if Carter and Anderson are gone but Young’s still there? Ideally you trade down for a ransom (though personally I think that would happen at #3), but if you can’t this is how I play it:

#4 Young - He’s the only QB I’d take. I know many won’t like it but I just can’t pass on what I view as elite talent for a lesser talent. If we end up with 2 great QBs, well that’s a good problem to have.

#18 Verse - I really think he’s gonna rise come draft day but who knows? I thought Jermaine Johnson would rise into the top 10 last year and it appeared he had in the media - then he fell into the 20s. Verse is my second-favorite edge in this class after Anderson.

#48 Mauch - Like @JessC said he’ll be a folk hero the moment he’s drafted. But he’s also really athletic and nasty. I think he’ll have to move inside in the league but that works out for us.

#60 Blu Kelly - I’ve already been over how much I like him. He’d be a steal here to me.

#79 Kancey - He’s not gonna measure as the biggest guy but man he’s been a game-wrecker his whole career. It’s hard not to see him in that Pitt uni and think Donald but I’m pretty sure he’s lighter and has shorter arms than Donald. But I’m not sure there’s a better attacker from the inside in the class and we know Brad likes that in a DT, it’s why he drafted Levi. It’s hard to pinpoint where Kancey will end up, but here I think he’d be a steal.

#153 Coburn - More of a 2-down NT but a damn good one, at this spot he’d be a steal.

#179 Mullen - a very, very poor man’s version of Branch. He’s feisty and quick and should work really well in that nickel/s spot, but he’s small and can be overrun. Doesn’t hold up nearly as well as some of the higher-ranked guys but it’s not for a lack of effort.

#192 Iosivas - After the Senior Bowl he could skyrocket Christian Watson style, he’s that level of an athlete. He can fly. But if the small school concerns keep him this low he’d be a great punt.

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I’ll play! I only did one three days ago :joy:

I did three mocks in the last two days and each time first three picks were:


Really intrigued by Caleb Murphy

Right size but slow. Ted Hendricks award winner. Complete game wrecker for Ferris State. 85 tackles, 25 sacks this year. Projected late. I’m sure he will be really well scouted given his relatively high profile, so might take a 5th to get him.

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well we will have lots of kickers starting camp but short on CBs for sure with just two back well Price but he is more ST… Ideas were ok just missed needs

I have question a OG even a OT taken in first 3 rounds where does he play for Lions if Big V is healthy maybe e
even if he is not. Does the unproven rookie beat out Brown if he is resigned or Karmar spelt wrong.

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I think people are looking at Big V and Brown as cap casualties. In my opinion, it’s one or neither, can’t afford to keep both. Brown’s gonna get paid in Free Agency.

Way rather have Brown. Especially considering how important the backup center position is

We don’t even know if Vaitai at age 30 will be the same after back surgery

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Also PSA for visual efficiency. When doing the PFN mocks, when you’re done if you click on one of the Lion icons it will condense all your picks into one screen. That avoids the need to post overlapping screenshots