Prepare yourself for Hamilton

I may be reading the tea leaves incorrectly, but based on our words and actions, I think Hamilton would be the pick at 2 if the draft were today. Assuming Hutch is gone. Here are the clues I’m reading into:

  1. Campbell stressing they want a day 1 guy that can contribute right away.
  2. Safety is one of our biggest needs and we haven’t added anyone yet.
  3. Campbell said Will Harris is some kind of hybrid S/CB role…aka not penciling him as starting opposite Walker, making the hole at safety even bigger.
  4. Campbell said they wouldn’t not take a player at 2 because of the position he plays. To me, the only positions people would question the positional value of drafting at 2 would be LB, S, TE, IOL, or RB. No other player is being talked about at any of those positions at 2 besides Hamilton.

Did I miss any clues? Am I falling for a smokescreen?

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You hit all the clues and are spot on.

Brad and Dan may like our edge rushers more than we might think.

Okwara brothers, Harris, and Bryant might be seen as building blocks, who knows.

Will be an interesting few weeks heading up to draft day.

Probably. I think we want to move down but from what I understand so does everybody else.

That is another clue. We signed Harris and have less of an immediate need at de than we do at S


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Behind ridiculous to take ANY safety at #2 overall. When the guy runs about the same speed as Evan Neal who weighs 340 pounds, I have major questions. He better be an absolute freak to take a guy in the top 5, more less 2nd overall. Why hasn’t there EVER been a safety taken that high before?? Other teams know how crazy that would be to take a safety that high.

Lastly, by taken Kyle Hamilton at #2 overall, you are paying him the same salary as a top 15 safety in the entire league in his rookie contract.


I read this as them saying they aren’t going to reach for a player just because he plays a position of need. So even if they need a S, they aren’t going to take one just because they play the position. Which is good, because I wouldn’t even take Hamilton at 32, let alone 2.

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I read this as them potentially looking at Sauce at CB, Hamilton at safety, or Wilson at WR. Hard to know where they are at, which is great.

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They can take a S with pick 32 or 34…


Absolutely, or even at the top of the 3rd round. Might even be the kinda year where they double dip

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Personally, I think you shrink the hole at Safety by taking Harris OUT of the equation.

Hamilton might be in play, but I think they are going to take the best talent that fits the team culture and let the roster figure itself out. If they’re analysis says Hamilton is the guy, he’ll be the pick, but my Spidey-sense says otherwise.

I think run defense is something they will be prioritizing, and that can be handled from a number of different angles, including with a ball control offense, but Safety isn’t where you typically start solving run defense. If you’re Safety is ringing up record tackles, it’s usually a sign of failure.

I like Hamilton, I think it would be a solid pick despite the opposing points of view here, but ultimately I don’t think he’ll be the pick.


Besides, many anti alpha-keratin crowd in here will tell you he has WAY too much hair for their liking. :laughing: :rofl:

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This guy has to be a cross between Ronnie Lott and Werewolf to be of value at 2OA.


I agree, but then a thread like this really makes you look at the safety position and you think “gosh, it’s a mess at safety.” But then you look at the LB position and think what a mess that is. However, yes, they need to add to the DT position and eat up a lot of the snaps that went to Nick Williams… oh yea, a dominant edge rusher would be key too.

That’s when it hits you - this defensive roster needs major help.


Think of it like baseball… Parrish Trammell Whitaker Chester Lemon.

Bench, Conception Morgan, Geronimo.

NFL? Ngata Ray Lewis Ed Reed,

Too Tall, Lambert Blount

Sapp Brooks Lynch. Etc.

Get it? Up the middle defense.

Alim, Levi, Analzone, Barnes, Walker Marlowe.

That is a gigantic shitshow.


No … it’s all BS
They’re taking Willis

Just like last year when Spielman “learned” you now build from the outside / in
They did the exact opposite in the draft


For me, its all linked. Today’s game is about lighter and faster LB’s that get sideline to sideline. Sure in the first quarter they shed and make plays, but by the time you get into the second half of the schedule, the nicks and dings start to add up. You have to get these guys a higher percentage of clear tackling lanes, and that means controlling the defensive line of scrimmage. Keep those lead blocks from getting to the second level, keep those guys clean. You do that, you keep the percentage chart higher for your linebackers in health and tackling. It’s all linked. You do that, and suddenly your Safeties get to concentrate on coverage. Beef up the middle makes everything easier progressively.

Does it guarantee success? No, but it does increase the percentages.

There’s a reason why Nick Williams carried all those snaps last year, and there’s a reason he’s not going to be invited back. The rookies were still getting their heads screwed on straight and Williams was in the right positions, but failed to get wins in those snaps.

That’s what I was thinking too. They showed interest in Sauce already and Brisker who may be available at 32. If they are happy with their edge, (which I doubt) they could draft Sauce, Brisker, then DT at 34. Maybe DE Bonito is there in the top of the 3rd

Also having a secondary of Sauce and Brisker would smoke the competition

Ravens: when dominant in 2000…
McCrary, Boulware, McAlister, Starks on outside.
(no Ngata… drafted in 2006)

Bucs in 2002 SB year….
Brooks was WLB… Quarles was MLB.
Simeon Rice, Ronde Barber, Brian Kelly on outside.

You left out Warren Sapp who made all those other guys better.

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