Pro Days 2023

Pro Days have started. Witherspoon is supposed to workout Friday so I thought we needed a thread.
Not a lot have happened yet but there’s been a few.

Including one of my favorite late round linebacker options:


Do Pitt and Syracuse go early in the cycle? Curious to see what those two RBs run.

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Here’s the schedule:

Looks like Syracuse is the 20th and Pitt is the 29th.


Thanks for posting that. I’ll be glad to see numbers early on Marte Mapu/Sacramento State and Shaquan Davis/South Carolina State. If the numbers are bad, I’ll have time to move on to other draft crushes… :grinning:

I know Indiana already had their pro day but I’m having trouble finding info on the results. Tiawan Mullin (CB); Cam Jones (LB) and Luke Haggard (OL) should be of interest to us. I know we had scouts there.

I wonder if Jalen Carter does a full workout on the 15th?

Another one came in…

Cam Jones, LB, Indiana: 6’1, 226, 31 1/4 inch arms, 4.69 40, 1.62 ten-yard split, 33 inch vert.

He looks draftable as a special teams ace. As a coverage LB I was hoping he was a little faster.

Yeah so was I. Especially checking in at 226.

Jaleel Billingsley, TE, Texas (Formerly of Alabama): 6’4, 200, 4.57 40, 7.04 3-cone, 4.44 shuttle, 36 vert, 9’9 broad

DeMarvion Overshown, LB, Texas: 7.14 3-cone, 4.49 shuttle, 36.5 vert, 10’5 broad (stood on 4.56 40 from combine, 1.59 split)

Charlie Jones, WR, Purdue: 6.84 3-cone, 4.15 shuttle (stood on other numbers from combine)

Cory Trice, CB, Purdue: 6.70 3-cone ( :eyes:), 3.96 shuttle ( :eyes:) (stood on other numbers from combine)

Payne Durham, TE, Purdue: 14 bench reps, 7.15 3-cone, 4.51 shuttle (stood on other numbers from combine)

Reese Taylor, CB, Purdue: 4.45 40, 6.63 3-cone, 4.07 shuttle, 38.5 vert, 10’4 broad (good workout)

Truman Jones, EDGE, Harvard: 6’3, 250, 33.5 inch arms, 4.66 40, 7.3 3-cone, 4.39 shuttle, 37 vert, 10’2 broad

Can this be pinned, like the combine thread was? @Nate

Those Purdue guys can run a good 3-cone!

Here they are in pretty RAS form:

Also it looks like Witherspoon’s not working out at Illinois today. He’s gonna have his own personal pro day on April 5th


There is a growing narrative, perhaps not deserved, that he’s hiding speed and non fluid hips…the longer he waits I’m sure it’s just gunna grow louder.


Yeah that will absolutely happen. And it might be true too.


Mr. Trice ate his wheaties for sure. Very nice day for the kid.

It will be interesting to see if @Davicus includes him in the Brad’s type of prospect write-up since his PFF score is just outside the range Holmes seems to prefer.

I’m actually playing with some numbers and seeing how 3 year scores weighted by snaps change things. I’m playing with a lot of weights in the formula with I have come up with as the “KCS: Knee Cap Score”