QB play observation

I think its alot simpler than that. They don’t want Goff as our QB so they are using the statement as an insult and another reason to get rid of him, since everyone generally feels like its impossible to ever have a “perfect” team and situation. So by building up that idea that anything less than perfect doesn’t work for Goff, that means we should just cut bait now.

And I will take it a step further and say that it will also function in the reverse if Goff ever makes a run. It will be because the team was perfect around him, and any middling starter could have done what Goff did. The statements will probably be something like “you guys are content with just 1 championship. Sorry, but I have higher standards. I want a team that wins the championship every single year for the next 10 years. Dynasty baby! And we can only do that if we have one of the top 2-3 QBs in the league, and Goff is not on that level. Sorry to the slappies, but that’s just reality. So until we have that guy, we need to keep swinging for the fences until we get him. OUR TIME IS NOW! DON’T SETTLE LIONS FANS! In addition, Goff will be 38 in 10 years so we are going to have to reboot at QB anyways. So let’s go ahead and do it now so we are locked and loaded!”


There is a lot of truth in here for sure…buuuuut…I think we will ALWAYS be locked & loaded, as long as Holmes is here.

That said, whatever most upgrades the team.
SO hard to get my DT.
SO hard to get QB. Goff is pretty friggin’ good.

I think we will be in the caliber of SF & Philly next year (look where they are at).

We will look a bit different. Our defense will still be very young. Our O will very likely be #1 or #2 in the NFL (THERE!!! I SAID IT!)

I thought you were SO hard when you talk about Fox.

It doesn’t take much for you does it?

LOL - Niiicely played

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