QB Ratings….. Truck vs Trailer

I guess, but ■■■■ man we are talking about Jared Goff bc he IS our QB for the time being , everybody thinks hey let’s draft a QB…well ok, but that person can’t reach over 4,000 yards , limit interceptions and get north of 30 TD’s for A season if not three season’s. Not soon replacing Goff. and I know he has some flaws , most QB’s do…yet I do not get the “get rid of Goff/let’s move on” sentiment that floats around.

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Very few people think that. I don’t think that under most circumstances (only if Young falls to us, and he won’t).

The team and talent around the QB always matters. Stafford never even sniffed a playoff win here but then wins one with a healthy Kupp, behind a top five Oline, OBJ, Donald, Von Miller…Then the oline collapses this year and look what happens.

Is Stafford a truck or a trailer? This is why to me it’s a dumb analogy. The offense is a singular machine with all parts and coaching all working together.

Is Goff capable of winning a Super Bowl here? Hell yea he is. He would have won one in LA already had his RB1 and WR1 not been hurt for that game.

A winning SB run requires complimentary football, a solid defense, the offense humming, everyone buying in, players staying healthy for the stretch run and a little luck on top

This is the most organized and focused I’ve ever seen a Lions team and Goff is a big part of that

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understand your opinion and like your post. I’ll admit right now I have none…to very little interest in the QB race this offseason. however I do want a very able back up, that yeah Goff has to think about on occasion if the kid can take his spot and dominate doing it.

I’m tired of the dead-fish backs we have, that IF Goff gets injured we are hopelessly ■■■■■■ and will lose football games that MAY cost us in a meaningful way. The last thing I want is to have Goff get banged up early and our back up cost us 7 games until Goff get’s back on his feet in 2023. I want a guy that can stand in there and WIN if our starter gets injured.

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