Would you rather have pick 5 and 18 or Chase Young.

Five and 18

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5 and 18

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Give me Chase Young at 3 …unless you can guarantee me Okudah & Delpit at 5 & 18

It’s a very strong chance you get Okudah at 5. Delpit at 18 maybe 1 in 3 chance. Isaiah Simmons there? 1 in 8. At 18 the value may be at WR, OL or LB…

This is why were need 37 with 5 and 18, so we can move back into the late first to grab Dobbins with our 35 plus? and still get something tasty at 37.


I feel fairly confident Dobbins makes it to our 2nd round pick. If the Lions want a RB they should be able to get one of the top 3-4 staying where they are. Dobbins is 4th on my list.

If I were BQ I’d take that trade down.

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better hope for some good DT’s/DE/LBs in free agency if this is the route they take. Because Revis, Woodson, Sanders in their prime wouldn’t be able to cover with our current defensive front woes.

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It’s possible Dobbins makes it to the 35th pick I agree especially if Cincy and Wash stay home at 33 & 34 . As far as him being 4th on your list , he is #1 on mine for the Lions . I’m bias and have watched every one of his games but this kid is special .

The most versatile RB in this draft . He is the truest of 3 Down RB’s . A workhorse in a compact pit bull frame, thick, powerful , great vision and could play the slot he is that good of a receiver . He is effortless and so quick , his size , center of gravity, contact balance , that sudden start and stop , dare I say he reminds me of B …nevermind

If you told me KJ would be KJ and actually stay healthy for the season and wanted to pair him with D’Andre Swift as a 1-2 combo I can see the allure but if KJ were to go down again… I would be so much more comfortable with Dobbins handling the bulk of the runs then I would be Swift in a scenario that requires either to be the every down workhorse RB

Agreed but if you can man up Okudah and Slay outside and go single high with the FS when needed and have SS like Delpit down low it would be huge in down and short situations. The D-Line just sucked , so many breakdowns in run defense & gap integrity , so many missed tackles by Davis and early on for Tavai , not having Hand or Daniels for most of the year and Snacks taking a huge step backwards …Really no excuse for just how poor we were stopping the run not after the second half we had in 2018, a healthy Hand and Daniels if still here will be huge for the Line in 2020 and would have made the line a hell of a lot better in 2019 …We need a stud LB in the worst way , in the Derrick Brooks or KJ Wright mold …they do not grow on trees.

I feel like we still don’t know what we have in KJ. Not really sure what to do. I like Dobbins too. Any of those top RBs would be nice, it’s just if KJ can stay healthy next year and have a productive year, we would be fine with McKissic Scarborough and KJ. KJ is just still an unknown IMO, which stinks.

I wish we could just land an upcoming FA RB and pay the man. Rather than burn our draft pick.

I think our WRs are fine for this year. Ride that out another year.

Our defense is a mess. We need help all over the place.

100 percent agree with you on this. I don’t get the big fascination with Christian Jones either.

Matt Patricia really limits himself with his linebackers too. He wants 6’2"-6’4" 250-265lb linebackers, which are basically DE’s. So when looking at the draft, start looking at DE’s who can play LBer

A lot of truth to this …Agreed Bob Quinn could very well see it the same … His track record says he will.
A healthy KJ splitting the carries with Bo and McKissic if they stayed healthy is a legit backfield . I just want one more real talent, a guy that will push KJ for the Starter role , I would have loved to have landed Penny at the deadline .

I do not want to have to count on Amendola staying healthy and not losing a step at this juncture.

A DE, a real pass rusher even if a tweener specialist is needed, a penetrating DT and a LB that can cover and play the run & God help us a CB#2 … The Defense needs a bunch

Yeah we have a lot of work to do. And it’s gonna come from both free agency and the draft. No way we can fill all those holes with one or the other.


Chase Young

There’s some really good Edge, DT’s and DE’s hitting free agency this year. I expect us to be buyers.

I’ve heard a couple times already that Chase Young will not be a scheme fit for the Lions defense.
If true, then a trade down is definitely in the mix

Depends on what we do with free agents. BQ could build up the front 7 on defense.

I disagree that he wouldn’t be a scheme fit. He could flip between the right and left side with Flowers, relieving Kennard of his DE snaps. You could even play Flowers as the 3 tech beside Young in an Under formation. That would be scary because it would be near impossible to double both.

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I get the love for Dobbins. I like him as a RB and I think he’s a good fit. I can admit I haven’t watched every game he’s played because I hate Ohio St. But I’ve seen many of his games. When I watched Clemson beat Ohio St. I was closely watching the Dobbins vs Etienne matchup. Dobbins had a far better run game but Etienne was clearly the better Receiver that day. Dobbins has more power than Etienne but not as much speed. Personally I think the Lions lack a RB who has home run in ability and I see Etienne as the perfect fit for a pass heavy offense.

I like this years crop of RB’s and I think the Lions will have an opportunity to get a good one in round two.

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If MP can’t find a way to utilize Young than the scheme and coach are the problem.

I’d say Young is best suited as a true 4-3 DE. He hasn’t played off ball much and in MP’s multiple front a guy who can play a DT/DE/OLB role is preferred so … yes you could argue he’s not the greatest fit. Not to mention MP doesn’t seem to put a lot of stock into True Pass rushing DE’s. These are the reasons I could see the Lions passing on him. Which would be a mistake. Young is the type of player you build a defense around. Not a player you force into a scheme.