Quin/Patricia Stay or Go?

The way I see it is Quin is not a bad GM. He has made some good and some bad deals. I think most GM’s have made some bad deals along the way.

Patricia is not a bad coach. I think he has passion and puts a lot of effort in, he just needs to realize he needs to tweak the defensive scheme and get some play makers.

I think continuity is huge when trying to develop a culture. If the Lions hit the reset button they will be starting over again.

I say give these guys another year to show what they can do. If it is painfully obvious after the 3rd year of Patricia then they need to reevaluate.

There are some very good players on this team. The Lions just need to adjust the schemes to take advantage of the players they have. A good coach puts their players in the best possible position to win. They do not try to force their scheme onto players that do not fit it.

We all know defense is the problem. When I look at the roster, I see a lot of good players. Unfortunately, there are way too many injured players on this team. The DL has Snacks, A ‘Shawn, Daniels, Hand, Okwara, and Flowers – all good players. The LB are JD, Kennard, Taviai, and Jones – all pretty good players. CB are Slay, Colman, Melvin, Oruwariye – not bad group. Safety Walker, Harris, Wilson – young need a little more experience. I think if the Lions add some play makers to this group and change up the scheme, they could be pretty good. They have to get away from the bend don’t break 3-man rush. A good defense mixes up their formations blitz some downs, rush 3 on some downs 4-man rush on other downs, etc.

The offense looks pretty good. The OL has some decent players however an upgrade to a few spots would not hurt. The QB situation is in pretty good shape other than injuries. The TE position is solid may want to trade or cut Jesse James and pickup a lower cost blocking TE. The WR are doing much better than I thought they would. We could stand to add a deep threat that can take the top off of the defense and is a threat to score every time they touch the ball. The biggest issue is RB, I like KJ but he is only a complimentary RB, I like BO but he is a short yardage guy that can break one now and then. McKissic is a good 3rd down back but he should not run the ball. I think the Lions have been missing a fire plug type RB that is built strong and runs hard. Someone with a little wiggle and some burst. I do not think these types of players come up in FA very often and if they do, they have some mileage on them. I believe the only way to address this is through the draft and the Lions will have to pay up for this type of player. This year’s draft has some nice RB, however I would not spend more than a 2nd round pick as there are far more valuable players available in round 1. I think the Lions need to get a play maker on defense with their 1st round pick and take an RB with the 2nd round pick. Looking at who should be available in the 2nd round at RB that could be a difference maker I would suggest JK Dobbins 5-10 216lbs. Thick, quick, good burst, and durable. Dobbins, KJ, Bo, and McKissic would make a nice backfield. Oh yeah one more thing get rid of the damn FB it is not 1940 and this is a waste of a roster spot. Get a durable TE or OL to play short yardage when you need a blocker in the backfield. Bundle the late round picks that we always miss on and trade up for a 2-4 round pick that has a chance to make the 53-man roster. Use the time in the later rounds to line up the best UDFA to come to the Lions. That’s my take I know you all will not agree but that’s the great thing about having an opinion and not needing to try and make everyone else a believer. GO LIONS!


I say, keep them all until the Ford’s sell.
What’s the point firing yet another group of coaches.
Ownership obviously doesn’t have a clue!
Maybe the NFL can help, again? Anybody with half a brain can see how interested the NFL is in helping us on any given game day.
This team is screwed until we have an owner that knows football and how to manage people.

One more year…

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I like this guy…he makes sense…


Get rid of them all !! Between drafting another tight end top 10 and Patrica going for two when you are down by eight I’m done !!

I expect MP to make a few mistakes, hell posters here think he should be a 4-year DC or sum shit and not a 1.5 year HC. what the F they are doing with Paul P? I have no idea. but I don’t blame Patricia TOO much ‘yet’ , Let that man HAVE the damn defense and see if it improves ANY.

Quinn , I’m a little more hot at, his only saving grace is the fact he did land some quality players here along the way.
but, made some poor choices like handing Flowers 90 million , some of that money could-have been used now to help strengthen our defense.

that and he sat on his hands while useful players paraded by trade deadline and that. He comes across as a "smartest guy in the room-type " even if /when he’s lacking.


I thought the hire was one of the worst the Lions had ever made when they hired Patricia. But, might as well give him one more year to confirm the fact that he really is as bad as everyone thinks. Besides, after another 5 or 6 win season next year, clean house.

Conflicted on both. I think I would give them both one more year, and if the result isn’t at least one playoff win, then it’s time to clean house.

I think Quinn is the best talent evaluator we’ve had in ages, both in the draft and FA, but he’s failing like other Patriot transplants have over the years. I’m not sure the Patriot way is something that can be copied and pasted to a struggling franchise. The Patriots could trade away a defensive captain who was becoming a locker room problem without consequences. They always have depth because top talent lines up to take smaller deals from them for a shot at a ring. Bill will never lose that locker room because their system is beyond proven. The Lions are the antithesis of the Pats, and we aren’t in any position to be sending messages like that. We were fighting to stay in the hunt and needed all hands on deck. The FO and coaches should have met with the defense behind closed doors and fixed it. Instead, it felt like the organization gave up on the season after Green Bay. I know those two losses hurt, but there were relevant and winnable games ahead. It also makes me feel like Quinn is comfortable enough with his job security that he’s willing to cut his losses on this season, which I don’t like.

As far as Patricia, I’d give him one year if Quinn gets one. I don’t want to give Quinn another coaching hire tbh. Make it work with Patricia or not at all. I think the team we started the season with was ready to compete with anyone, but I also agree with the disgruntled members of our defense. The defense is the problem and teams keep burning us with the same plays week after week. The scheme sucks and they’re incapable of adjusting, both of which are coaching issues.

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“Should I stay or should I go”


As bad as The Lions were, you would THINK that all these previous years of losing would have told them ‘hey…pick a man with winning success, experience, and OA game-winning knowledge.’

Instead, they hire a man that was (never) in his life a NFL HC (aka) ZERO experience. they say “good enough for the lions.” and throw him in one of thee most losing teams in league history.
I was GEEKED because I thought DC ! highly intelligent and experienced with defenses-right??
BUT they named him Head Coach I was like what? TA got ousted from DC and replacing his post is Paul Pasqaloni. Since, it’s been VERY awkward , I mean we go from top ten Defense in 2018 to 31st in 2019 in a damn snap *

I’ll say it again, Patricia is raw as hell as a “NFL HC” It only figures he’s going to have some awkward moments and decision-making.

I have no idea why Paul P is still here when we are 30th to 31st defensively. If he isn’t at least 50% involved with the defense WTF does he do?

I’m giving Q & P another season to get the defense fortified and we better be improved or they can go to hell !

  1. Do you think that will net a better team?
  2. Why?

I believe Quinn’s biggest mistake was hiring MP just because he knew him. MP had no prior experience. He hired a coach that wasn’t great in college. Why? Because he knew him. Belicheck wouldn’t do that. He paid Flowers because he knew him. Same with making Justin Coleman the richest nickel in the league. Why you ask? Because he knew him. These guys weren’t exactly setting the world on fire prior to coming here. Because of that. Hiring your homies will get him fired.

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Yup. Cuz it can’t get worse, and also…Look what it did for the offense.

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Just wondering, where are all these previous head coaches with winning success, experience and OA game-winning knowledge that are unemployed and could come to the Lions.

You know where? they don’t exist. Any former head coach was most likely a failure. Sure, the second time around could get some success like a Pete Carroll, but most of them fade into coordinator or position coaching or get out the game all together.

The natural progression is to take hot coordinators and elevate them and then you may hit on Sean Peyton or this year’s hotness Kyle Shanahan.

Posts like the other one are ridiculous. The guys becoming first time head coaches have been around the NFL for many, many years. It’s not like they plucked some guy who was working at the Home Depot to be their new head coach.

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For the people who want them to stay I need to know what you are afraid of missing out on?

The whole firing coaches every 2 or 3 years being a negative is something I don’t get.

Since Wayne Fontes the average Lions coach gets 3.5 years and only one got fired after 2.

So maybe we need to stop hanging on so long.

I don’t understand how people can see Bevell come here 10 months ago with essentially the roster from the previous year, turn it around dramatically but it should take Patricia 3 years to have the defense be just average.

Bevell just put up 27 points with dudes that weren’t in the NFL 9 weeks ago AND the our best offensive lineman left the game.

9 of 11 defensive starters are players that Patricia brought in or were drafted while he’s been the coach.

The defense had 10/11 starters on Sunday which is as healthy as you can reasonably expect a defense to be Week 11 of an NFL season. Still gashed the same way we have been getting gashed since Week 1.

Looking at the age and contracts of the defensive starters, half the defense is getting turned over this offseason either way. Combine that with Paul likely being used as a fall guy and there isn’t going to be any continuity on defense even if he stays.

As a head coach there literally isn’t one thing measurable that he’s good at. We are bottom 6 in penalties, missed tackle tackle percentage and his clock management is some how worse than Jim Caldwell.

Unless something changes dramatically the last part of the season I just don’t see how you can look around the league in 2019, see what other coaches are doing with comparable talent and logically justify him keeping his job.

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Quin = Glover Quin

Quinn = Bob Quinn

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keeping Caldwell (who was coming off a 1-7 start and 7-9 finish), instead of immediately replacing him with his own guy. Odds are, they would’ve kept Van Noy, drafted someone like TJ Watt over Jarrad Davis, etc. In other words, at least relative to the defense, Quinn would’ve been drafting guys who fit the system sooner instead of essentially wasting the first two years.


Quinn needed someone experienced at the HC spot when he first got here. Canning Caldwell and bringing in Patricia would have been a huge mistake.

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