apparently we have none whatsoever.

  1. So far I have seen articles that has Goff rated as one of the worst QB’s in the league with rookies rated ahead of him

  2. The Lions are underdogs in every single game this year, home dogs to the Bungles

  3. MC/DC rated 31 in a poll of all coaches

  4. Lions projected to have the worst record this year

I am sure there are more that I have forgot and many more will appear as the season approaches, thought this might be a place to keep tabs on these projections of doom and gloom by the “experts” and tick them off as they are proven right or wrong. I think they will have egg on their faces when it is all said and done.

Detroit vs. Everybody!


To earn respect, a franchise has to earn it. This franchise has done nothing in the last decade to earn respect.

Also, to be fair to the media and oddsmakers, they have been right about the Lions FAR more often than they have been wrong in recent history.

I hope this new direction works and finally earns the franchise respect. I really do. But up to this point, they deserve none.

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Ya, I get that and didn’t think I had to spell it out. However, please explain Goff being rated lower than a rookie who has not even taken snap one yet? MC/DC rated 31 out of all head coaches? Shit, I think they had Arthur Smith and Salah rated ahead of Vrabel. There is no way in hell that MC/DC is 31, they are judging him on the coat tails of Fatricia and I guarendamnteeeeee it he is not the second worst headcoach in the league. Home dogs to the Bungles, what have they done to earn that? So, ya I UNDERSTAND that respect has to be earned, not the purpose of this thread. The purpose is to list all the slights the Lions get, and see if they are right or wrong. I am saying they will be way more way off base and the Lions are flying so low under the radar they might bounce off of whale shit

I don’t mind not having respect. As you said, it has to be earned. But I think when it comes to stuff like being home dogs to the Bengals, who have also done nothing to be respected…is going a little far.


We all get that. The OP also pointed out that nearly everyone is rating Goff as the worst starting QB in the NFL, putting guys like Tua, and 4-5 draft picks that have never played a down in the NFL, in front of him.

I guess a Superbowl and 5 NFL playoff wins means nothing as a QB, compared to beating Drake University two years ago.

I’m sure Goff could care less, but the OP is correct … it’s biased horse dookie.


The Bengals have a far better roster than Detroit does.

They won 2 games last year? I get it, (I’m a Bengals fan actually) but I’m not sold on anything they are doing.

The Lions don’t deserve any respect…yet, but if that Oline comes together the way some people think we might earn some real quick!


All we know so far is that MCDC does a good interview.

Let’s not get too high on his abilities before we see them.


It won’t take too long if the Lions can pull some upsets. Every season there are a few teams that start off 3-0 and are projected to the superbowl only to fall quickly. Others start off 0-3 and build and move to the playoffs.

Projections are like the stock market. You have a day to day prediction that is wild and you have a longer term trend that is the best indicator of future results. Lions have been on a long down cycle so it will take some games and then seasons to reverse that trend in the minds of all.

I have a feeling Urban Meyer will be a top 15 coach very quickly. He’s built too many championship teams out of the dumps in college. Compare that to Kingsbury who has a very mediocre record in college and pros. That dude should be an OC not a HC.

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Bengals have a clear edge at WR and DBs.

Lions have better OL, DL, LB, And TE.
Lions also have advantage on special teams with better kicker and punter.

The RBs are fairly even IMO, but the Bengals have less depth.

QBs are pretty much a question mark at this point since Goff is on a new team and Burrow just had a serious knee injury and has only 10 games on tape.

Is that why they were picking in front of us the last 2 years?


Looks like ppl are pretty high on Arthur Smiths abilities, and so far all he has done is an interview as well.

Same can be said for Justin fields, Trey Lance etc…all they have done is beat teams like Testical Tech but are yet somehow already better NFL QB’s than Goff


Someone had to do it.


Oh, I firmly believe the Lions will be favored in a few games as the season progresses.


And don’t forget one of these guys lit up Illinois State for 9 points. No way our poopy Goff could do that.
Superbowl schmooperbowl. I mean, anyone could win 5 NFL playoff games before they are 25. Pffft.


Love all of this. Light a fire under these guys’ asses! Ha!

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Respect is earned not given based on talk during press conferences.

Well…unless your a Lions fan. Then you are likely to give it based on talk during press conferences


They lost their franchise QB to injury last year. Let’s not pretend that didn’t hurt them.