Ragnow & Glascow!

I said it several times on the old forum during TC… these too would open holes on the right … And its happening …

These two stay healthy and the other guys on the line figure it out… we will be a top ten line!


Look back at our drafts, Millen especially. I had noted that there were so few interior linemen drafted by Millen that it was no wonder the OL struggled.

Nothing in the first 6 rounds after Raiola in 2001 until Man Ram in 2007, then not again until 2013 when we got Warford, who we didn’t re-up because we didn’t need no dang run blocker…

And we wondered why the OL had issues…


The Saints with Brees and Payton have always gone the route of top C , RG & LG and skimped at Tackle at least that was the case when Centers and Guards were not as high priced as they are now .

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Actually the part on Warford isnt true. The Lions wanted to keep Warford. They didnt have the money, and Warford wanted out. The rest I agree on though.

I may be confused but I seem to remember that warford’s lack of availability at times was the main issue. I don’t understand how the team couldn’t have money for him in view of the fact that they paid TJ Lang more average annual value then what Warford sign for with New Orleans to replace him in the same 2017 offseason?? I’d have to look up the details but I think TJ sign for around 11 million-per-year aav while Warford signs or around 9 million per year aav? But thought to myself that it would been nice to have him back in the fold. Although I tend to agree that he didn’t want to stay.

Holy shit would that be awesome. I love your enthusiasm, brother. The entire rest of the line is a weakness though.
Decker can be serviceable when healthy. Wanger is oft-injured, and is below average on his best day. Officer Wiggins should go back to the police force.

Agree - I am hope to see 2TEs line up on the left side and the def… will have to guess which one stays and which one chips and runs a rout tree!!

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I thought they lowballed him and he got offended.

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We paid Lang about the same as Warford got.
We also paid Wagner about the same as RR got from Min. We basically swapped the two players.

I honestly think it came down to Bob Quinn wanting to rebuild the entire OL. TJ Lang had more injury concerns than Warford did. RR wasn’t tough enough. Truth is we would have been better off keeping RR and Warford. We would have been younger and the cost would have been the same. I think this is the biggest mistake BQ made. I think he just wanted to put his stamp on the entire team.

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That’s a reasonable conclusion to assume but as I recall Riley reiff was very unhappy at right tackle and wanted to find an opportunity to move back to left tackle which generally pays more money. So I’m not sure that the conclusion that we could have simply signed the two players that moved on in free agency is completely accurate. Overthecap.com indicates that Reiff was about 11 and 1/2 million dollars more than the Wagner contract with an average annual value of about 11700000 vs 9500000 for Wagner.

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I can’t believe that we drafted the best C in the draft and didn’t play him at…center. They should have moved him into that spot early on last year. And Glasgow playing in HIS natural position and all of a sudden we have the same 2 guys playing at a high level? Who woulda thought?

If we hadn’t have drafted Decker and moved RR to RT in the first place than they probably could have resigned him at LT. He’s been better than Decker has.

I can’t say that I have much disagreement with that assumption. However as I recall Riley reiff was pretty bad his first year with the Vikings as well but has improved the last two years over there. But the Vikes had a great year. My original post was neither a condemnation or approval of the moves they made just observations as I remember them.

Don’t forget, we had the up and comer, Laken Tomlinson… Much better option.

Reminds me of that one time the Steelers outbid us for Hartings because they were offering center money and we were offering guard money.

And Millen’s a boob.


And the time we passed on a “once in 5 or 10 years” center when we needed a center and took a guy who came with a history of injuries at a position that didn’t warrant the pick.

The Lions May recover from the Tomlinson pick yet. As I recall the draft pick they got from the 49ers for Tomlinson was used to trade for snacks Harrison. I’m confident I saw that posted by a more astute member the last couple of weeks?

Dahl has been grading high, too!
We need the Vets on the outside to catch on!.

That hurts