Rams cut Bobby Wagner

Rams cut Bobby Wagner per sports radio, do you want Brad to get on the phone and sign that man to a 2-3 deal?!! Hells to the ■■■■■■■ yes I say!!


That’s gotta signal the rams are gonna blow it up. Otherwise this doesn’t make any sense…

and if they are blowing it up, I’m shocked McVay came back. Lol I’m kind of in shock :joy: how are they not going to try and win one more time in the weak NFC? Even if they trade away their stars, it’s giving them no cap relief in 2023. Signing Stafford to an extension just to do this. None of it makes sense at all…if indeed that’s what they are doing.


Having him on a 1-2 year guaranteed contract in the top 10 per year, would be a very good look.


A two year guarantee with some sort of third year option would pobably be what it’d take to get him to sign, if so, 100% gotta do it.

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I loved Bobby Wagner for the Seahawks. Admittedly I stopped watching the Rams pretty early this year. Did Wagner look like he had anything left in the tank? He’s going to be 33 years old by the time the season starts.


Read the article homie


Hes still very Good

I would def try to push for him

would change our LB core, and Rodrigo and Barnes would benefit greatly with him


Depends on what kind of contract he would take. I’m pretty sure Brad won’t give an old LB a big one-year deal, but if we got a discount I think he’d be all over it for the reasons listed here.

But he’s ring-chasing. Are we close enough to entice him? I’d like to hear what he thinks about Goff after going against him twice a year for his whole career.


According to PFF (I know…), he was a top 5 LB in 2022. He had the second best statistical season of his career. Def looks like he’s still got gas in the tank.


Yeah he got Second team all pro this year

hes still one of the Best MLB’s/LB’s in the league no question

we are starting to contend, signing him changes the defense massievely, and fixes a significant hole ther


Well he could have got a lot of tackles cus the rest of the D sucked. But i did see couple Denver games an he stood out .

What i noticed an liked is he would move through the pulling line an his D line an make the tackle.

I hope Holmes at least checks out what he wants. They can work cap many ways to make a deal its is he interested in Lions an whats he want.

When you see what teams are way over cap now an will massage the cap an sign a player some here including me will say X team over paid.

Wagner is an addition that could transform this defense. He is one of the best MLBs in the NFL, even at his age, and is a tremendous leader.

The lions were rumored to be interested in him last year as well.

Take the 2 year 8-10mil deal we have talked about offering Anzalone and double it and give it to Wagner. 2 years, 16mil, with high guarantees may do it.


He was still a beast last year with the Rams, and would immediately be the Lions best linebacker, since possibly ever. But, his age and contract demands would likely be a real sticking point for Holmes and Dorsey.

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My goodness. Unless his asking price is outrageous for reasons that go beyond his still-elite play I’d be all for that. His leadership on defense and mentoring of the Lions’ young LB’s would be invaluable. (And, unlike Ramsey, no worries about his volatility.)

Question is how much he values those things. Lions def on the strong upswing in terms of contending and we know the players love the regime; I suspect BW knows all that. But he probably won’t see them as a top-tier, SB-primed team just yet, which is fair enough. (Though ya never know!)

How does he balance all that out? What are the Lions willing to pay?

And what are the Rams doing?



Just remember, since he was cut he can sign at any time so we will find out if we are interested relatively quickly.

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Wagner is the type of player/leader that could transform this defense.

Hopefully, Holmes checks his text messages!!!


Poor Stafford.
I’m reminded of the story of a prospector who sold his claim, cheap. The new owner dug 6 inches and hit the mother load.
Well, at least he got his ring.


If they are releasing Wagner, there has to be some truth to them trading Ramsey.

Odd, they just signed a bunch of extensions last off season and signed some higher priced UFA’s . . . now they’ve changed their mind.


They’ve probably already talked to his agent.

That’s the point, he doesn’t have an agent and last year, Les Snead thought the text message he received from Wagner was a joke.

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