Rams shopping stafford per Lombardi

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Mike Lombardi on mcafee show stated that Rams are calling around trying to shop stafford


Bring him home! :rofl: (But how does JaMo feel about him?)


I hope he gets out of there so bad haha. I still love Matt and don’t want to see his career come to an end on a team in full rebuild mode.


Same. I’ll always root for Stafford to do well personally and professionally. I love that he got his ring, but with how things have turned out, I wonder if part of him wishes he stayed in Detroit if the Rams were a one and done.


He would look good in Vegas or Carolina!

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I don’t need a reason to hate the Panthers any more.

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Exactly! When I think of the Panthers… this is all I got.

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Don’t call us…


I don’t think there is a single fiber in his being that wishes he didn’t have that magical run in LA. No matter what happened next.


Yeah, you’re probably right. You can’t really be upset when you win a Superbowl.


So let me get this right …

McVay, given the opportunity, decides to stay.

The chatter out of the combine is that Matt’s arm is wrecked and he might still retire.

Now we hear the Rams are trying to deal him?

None of this adds up.

The offseason is horse shit.


I am at a complete loss at what the rams are doing

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Exactly, plus cut Wagner. Shopping Floyd and Ramsey. Now Stafford!? Why would McVay stay, unless he’s totally fine with a full rebuild. It’s very strange.

I’ll take Aaron Donald off their hands though!! :muscle:

Millen used to say that putting a jigsaw puzzle together was like building a team. finding the right pieces. His problem was he had all these pieces and there was no picture on the box. This seems familiar.

I’ll give it a try (and probably be wrong on most things)…

McVay likes money, fame, and adoration. He decided he is the genius needed to lead the Rams through a period of transition, and this time, to DYNASTIC success (rather than a one-and-done championship run).

Matt’s arm is pretty wrecked. But he is a warrior at heart, and wants to play. He believes he can play. But, reality may be brutal in this case.

The Rams Ownership/GM have realized that the window has closed, and is ready to move on. Stafford, when healthy, is a very high level QB, and Snead wants to use Stafford’s value to stockpile whatever assets they can (in order to accelerate the rebuild). Hence cutting Wagner, shopping Floyd/Ramsey, etc.

Maybe that adds up?


I mean, the Rams won a Super Bowl.

Millen won Az Zahir Hakim.

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They did the right thing, and they won the SB. The wheels seem to be flying off rather quickly since then.

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OK, well now this seems fairly real.

I do it.

Yeah, I said it.

I bring him back to Detroit.

(Assuming his arm is still attached).

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