Rams site not happy with close call against Lions

Thought this was interesting to see…

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I dream of a day where as a Lions fan, I can be mad at a win.


We did them a favor exposing their weaknesses this early in the year. Lots of coachable moments, including McVay not having an answer for the double A gap blitzes early.

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Rams upset because they didn’t blow the Lions out. This was about proving Stafford was the answer. They still haven’t played any legit teams on the road. I don’t think they will be there at the end


I think it’s media sensationalism. Let’s be real it was 10 nothing before the rams touched the ball. So in essence they spotted us 10 and still won by 9. Between the 2 fake punts and the onside kick we stole 3 possessions.

I doubt they run into that scenario again. I’ve been trying to recall any game that happened and can’t.

Hats off to MCDC, great game plan, and the team played their asses off trying to pull off the upset. Very proud of the heart and effort they showed. My biggest worry was they’d play like last week. Instead they came out and played inspired the entire game. I think that speaks well of the staff and the character of the team.

Knew this would be a bad yr, predicted 3 wins, still don’t know where they get them. However no one can say they quit. The Rams staff and players all talked about the great job MCDC did getting them ready, and the game was a dogfight. Nice praise from the team with the 2nd best record in the NFL.


Good stuff, love it!
Some questioned whether the Rams defense was going to be as good as last year…and it’s looking like they are not.


I predicted 6-8 wins this year. I don’t think Vegas oddsmakers will be offering me a job any time soon.

Great post, btw.


The double A gap stuff has given Matt problems over the years.


After the Rams shred Houston next week… they will have played only 2 teams that have winning records in the first 8 games of season.

In the final 9 games… they have 4 games against that currently have winning records (Titans, Packers, Cards, Ravens).

Only 6 games for the season against winning teams… as it stands now.

In contrast… Chiefs have played 5 winning teams in their first 7 games. Ouch.



Great post. Yeah, I think Campbell coached his ass off that game. One can take issue with the aggressiveness on some of those missed chances at FGs, but his team really went after it and almost did it. That nine minute drive was incredible until the pick.

It got me wondering: when was the last time the Lions had a nine minute drive?


Bears - Bad
Colts - Average
Bucs - Good
Cards - Good
Seahawks - Average
Giants - Bad
Lions - Bad

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It happened ALOT under Caldwell


Right, but those weren’t really wins because Caldwell couldn’t win.

It’s crazy when you barely beat shitty teams it doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in the fan base.


I’m sure there were in terms of draft positioning

SeahAwks closed the game with Geno for the second half.

Colts also had a chance to beat them but Wentz went down and Eason took over.

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It’s very rare that even the very best NFL teams blow out even shitty teams every week.

This is such a great take. I will stop short of saying it was a fluke, but … it was pretty damn close. On the other hand, Detroit was moving the ball when it needed to, and Stafford needed other-worldly throws a few times to get out of jams. I mean, he side-armed a 23-yard strike on a line to a receiver in stride on third down and long. Just… dumb. Still, MCDC takes the 3, and Goff doesn’t make that silly ass throw late in the fourth, it might have been the stuff of dreams.

But then again, good teams like the Rams overcome bizarre obstacles, even multiple defensive and ST miscues/or opposing trickery. They’re good enough to overcome them. They didn’t get lucky, they simply overcame them through pure grit and talent.


I gotta slip this into a post, and this one is as good as any. Yesterday at the game, Lion’s fans SHOWED UP! The southwest end of SoFi was 75% Lion’s fans… LOUD Lion’s fans! There were 3 or 4 times where the “let’s go Lion’s” chant engulfed the entire stadium, and Ram fans were not pleased at all. I kept hearing “they suck, why are they cheering” Hahaha. I never knew that many Lion’s fans existed in the World, much less in CA. If I had to guess, it was about 60/40 Rams to Lion’s fans in the whole stadium. It was a great experience for me to see that here.