Rashee Rice on the run too?

One thing is for sure. Andy Reid loves criminals on his team.

I mean he could of been you dont just run just to run

Based purely on the texture and consistency I’d wager that rice was more likely eaten than drunk


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High more likely. Possibly carrying?

Dumb is dumb so…anything is possible

I did a lot of very, very stupid things behind the wheel between the ages of 16 and 25, but one in particular stands out.

I was 17 or so and racing a buddy of mine across town. He was beating me as we approached the last light before our destination, so I simply weaved out of my lane, into what would be oncoming traffic (if it wasn’t stopped at the light), and ran the red light. The cross-traffic came to a screeching halt and blared their horns as I zoomed through the intersection, but hey, I won the stupid race.

Honestly sometimes I think it’s a wonder I’m alive. And that I didn’t hurt anyone else.

This was the middle of the day and we were both completely sober (my buddy didn’t even drink at the time). Just young guys being young and stupid.

I say this to point out it’s possible Rice wasn’t on anything, he could just be young and stupid. And when they wrecked and he thought “shit I’m a WR for the Chiefs, I can’t get arrested,” he panicked and left the scene. Or maybe he had old weed in the car, or a gun. Young people do not always make good decisions in high pressure situations.

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Watching that video again it looks like one of the vehicles tried to pass on the shoulder.

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Probably $600,000+ in cars. You have the money to go to a track.

Sending people to hospital and fleeing the scene? Pretty sure thats a felony.

Dude needs locked up then beaten.

We’re way too lenient on these entitled brats. I’d be more than happy to take your driving privileges away for a year if that helps you understand. And if you drive without a license, I hope you like your cellmate. A year of riding public transportation, bumming rides from your mom, and if I’m feeling generous a moped license. That should do it.

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Mike Valenti had a bit this topic years ago. I have not listened to him in years but basically it was the rules of being a highly paid professional athlete

1- hire a driver
2- feel you need weed, have a buddy carry it
3- feel you need a gun, again have a body guard
ect ect ect

His point was you have the money to eliminate these bad decisions before they happen.


Dude better be suspended for at least half the season.

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You forgot rule #4!
4 - wear a rubber!

And rule 5.
Dont buy everyone a car and house till your 2nd contract.


T. Hill beat a guy half to death and only got like 3 games :joy:

He MIGHT get 1 game.

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Wow. NFL banning Jamo gets more ridiculous every time one of these comes out.


The NFL is totally committed to your safety, or the safety of their cut on your bets, one of those for sure.


Yeah didn’t see anyone say it yet but in the eyes of the law, what Rice did was MUCH worse than what Sutton did. Yet Rice will keep his job and Sutton immediately lost his.

A good advertisement for the personal dash cam.


Oj Simpson View GIF


The Lamborghini is a Lease.

A part of the lease,

No one else is allowed to drive the car.

Well, rice got out of the PASSENGER seat. Oops.

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