Rashee Rice on the run too?

Lol, thats awesome. I dont hate insurance companies now for like 4 milliseconds.

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Was it 57?

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Again back to the Velnti rules for rookies.

Wait for the 2nd contract!

Dude made less than $2m so far in the NFL. If you cant afford the Lamborghini, dont get it. And definitely dont get it from a scummy lease place.

I was just reading that two people exited the passenger side, and that Rice was the 2nd of the two. Indicating that he was driving.

Also of note, two of the ‘victims’ of the accident have already retained a lawyer. They said they are pissed, and want to make sure that Rice doesn’t get off scott free.


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Il have to rewatch the video and see if he is crawling through or is a passenger.

But yea. And in TEXAS as an outsider? Oh he’s screwed. Production has already said they are looking into UPGRADING the charges.


I watched a news broadcast on this over breakfast.

Seems he leased the car, was the only licensed driver to use it. Drag raced it and fled the scene of an accident.

He then called the lease company and gave his word he would take care of the damages.

Listening to the victims of the accident it was clear they intend to seek damages. Claiming emotional distress to themselves and their children.

There will be charges and a civil suit.

He’s very lucky no one was seriously injured.

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Who they gonna sue? Rice personally

Some friends…

Who knows maybe they were just along for the ride and didn’t want any part of that bullshit

But if they were there rooting him on egging him on then they are scumbags

It’s not the people in the car with him but in the cars involved in the accident and those nearly hit who are claiming emotional distress.


Ok thanks for clarifying.

Yeah he deserves to learn a tough lesson here unfortunately.

Could’ve been manslaughter, he should count his blessings he didn’t kill anyone with his stupid stupid reckless behavior

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Used 2021 Lamborghini Urus,

2024 Lexus RX

2008? Hyundai Elantra

Idk if the Corvette C8 was his but

Just vehicle damages is lets call it $400,000

Thats almost half his 2023 Salary.

Then factor in

Court Costs,
Medial Bills

Emotional Damages

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Don’t forget lawyer fees

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Such a metaphor for life

You work your entire life to get somewhere

And 1 bad move and it could all come crashing down


Crowdnoise is still on the run too. #neverforget



And Patrick Mahomes’s father just got popped for his third DWI and will be doing jail time if (when) convicted. Had an open beer in the car for good measure.

Everything around the Chiefs - apart from another SB championship - is a complete shitshow, from fans to players, everywhere you look. I’ve never seen anything like this.

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So Rice was leasing the Lambo and he owned the Corvette, so both cars were his. At least he wasn’t breaking his lease agreement by letting someone else drive the Lambo. Although I imagine there was a no racing clause in there somewhere. Also, he initiated the crash, not the Corvette. So we have both cars are his and he caused the crash. Impressive for the rookie.

I would have blamed Jackson.

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I am guessing that gets ignored. Great enforcement system we have e.