Rashee Rice on the run too?

That’s a lot of weed…

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This seems more typical than anything.
Remember when New England in the middle of their run had a serial killer on their squad…when teams start winning strange things start happening around the teams. The pressure gets ratcheted up and people start cracking.

I mean almost all dynasty teams have chaos around them it seems.

I actually think it helps them focus. Look at SCum this past season. I mean they were rained on with negativity and chaos. And they focused up and kicked ass. There is something to it for sure IMO.

With all due respect, no it isn’t… It’s less than half an ounce… Here in Michigan I believe you can have up to 2.5 ounces on you

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Yea ur right. If I was stoned I’d be going about 7 miles an hour not racing on highways. But that’s just me I guess.

I have a heavy foot and you can’t make me drive faster than the speed limit if I’ve been smoking… I’ll look down and be going 5-10 under the limit naturally. Alcohol on the other hand…

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I am sure they will argue it was someone else’s.

Rule 1!

If you cause an accident and run from the scene grab the drugs! Dont leave them behind.


Its almost like they were high and stupid!

Right, you pull a Jalen Carter, then come back later

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Also, that freeway(been on it in November where they were is like walled in for a stretch…no river or median or field…nothin but concrete and walls.

Where are you gonna dump it where it wont be found? Cops on the way, cameras all over.

In the peiple’s car you just hit if you are really thinking. Stuff that shit up under their bumper, toss it through a broken window…yeah.

Eat it, duh

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ITs almost Llike they are getting coached on how to avoid criminal consequences back in college!

Professional athlete curriculum right there, Masters level coursework

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If you grow up committing crimes, you already know how to react when you commit a crime, just sayin… He didn’t react like a criminal by leaving drugs behind.

Edit… Then again, being in an accident they could’ve been anywhere in the car and you can’t waste time looking if you’re trying to run.

Or… They were high and stupid like you said :joy:

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He should have called kelce. Some swiftie would have come and cleaned the scene up.

For sure Swift knows this guy

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I think that Rice being stoned at the time goes without saying. Both cars were registered in his name, and there was no way this thing wasn’t going to lead back to him.

The only thing he had to gain by taking off was to go home and sober up before turning himself in.

Which begs the question…

Is the penalty for leaving the scene less severe than driving while under the influence, and causing an accident?

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6 months in jail