Riley Patterson available

Well Jax just picked him up so it looks like Patterson is available again.

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Created a new thread for this. I liked Patterson A LOT.

It’s sort of wild that Patterson had better numbers than McManus last year, and yet Jax went this direction anyway.

McManus may have a bigger leg.

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Jags didn’t even keep Patterson as insurance in case of camp injury…

I’d much rather have Patterson than Badgley.


you and me both, no secret there. Kid absolutely stepped up for us when we needed him and only missed one fg that I think was a bad weather kick IIRC.

He must’ve had a terrible camp for us to get rid of him but he was great under pressure for us.

I’d have no issues bringing him back.

I’d bring him back for sure. Let Patterson and Badgley battle it out in camp. Competition is a good thing. Also one might get hurt, then you got the other.

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Patterson was very consistent for the Jags last year.

I think it’s pretty clear that they like the options they have.

As Lions fans, we are used to our proud history of having a very good kicker to rely on. It’s been about the only consistent thing in the past 40 years we have had with Murray, Hanson and then Prater.

Fipp made comments about how they believed they had two legitimate starting kickers in Patterson and Seibert last year. The contract they gave Badgley clearly shows they are not sold on him as the kicker, even if they like him quite a bit.

I haven’t disagreed with much over the last couple years, but I think they are going to regret sticking with Badgley if he is our kicker in 2023.

true and both struggled short to intermediate. I don’t disagree with people who took enough time and effort to conduct a study and formulate an informative and educated opinion before making a decision unless there is a great deal of proof that they are wrong. Thus far we can’t say anything…

I don’t mind him coming in and competing. Riley just doesn’t have a very strong leg. I remember his 50+ yard attempt for us.

I believe he is a very accurate kicker, but I’d prefer to have someone who at least gives you a shot from long distance if needed

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I don’t mind Patterson. I liked him much more than Seibert and thought they made the wrong move by letting Patterson go to keep Seibert.

That being said, I feel like a lot of people are overestimating how good of a kicker Patterson actually is.

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As would I. I’d prefer Gould over either one if that’s a possibility.

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