Ring ring, hello, it's the Titans calling about 6OA


As long as it includes their 2024 1st rounder, I’m all for it. They’re one of my favorite trade-down options in fact cause they could really suck next year. Might fall bass-backwards into the #1 overall pick.


I highly doubt they will give up that much…
pick 6 = 1600
Pick 11 = 1250
Pick 41 = 490

So a 2nd rounder already covers the 20% qb premium and then some


Yep, and unless the Lions are completely bought in on Carter and have no concerns about his red flags I see no reason to not agree to that level of compensation and trade down.

Who else would they be concerned about missing out on…

Carter - fills a huge need.

Gonzo/Witherspoon - likely one of them would fall to 11.

Bijan - If they are really even interested.


I don’t know what the latest charts say, but typically when you’re talking about picks in future years, you bump the value down one round. So a 2023 2nd round pick would be roughly equivalent to a 2024 1st round pick in trade.


Where does it say the Titans called the Detroit Lions? Am I missing someting?

The above tweet is what the article linked.

Dane Brugler says the Titans have “made a lot of calls about moving into the top 6”

Nothing is written in the article about a specific call to Detroit.

I know there is a lot of smoke this time of year…but the title of that article seems to be a little misleading.


Yeah, I don’t care. Unless it includes next year’s 1st, I’m not doing it. Even if that requires doing something like 11+2024 1st for 6+2024 4th or something like that.

Adding another 2nd rounder in this year’s draft holds little interest for me, we already have enough picks.


I think that’s where most people agree the Jimmy Johnson “rule of thumb” isn’t terribly accurate. There should be a discount for a future pick, but I think a full-round demotion (especially for a first-rounder) isn’t how most teams value them.

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It was speculated on by the author of that Titans blog, for sure. The rumor is they want to trade into the top 6. He says it doesn’t make sense with anyone but the Lions because:

“Bringing it back to the Tennessee Titans, trading inside of the top six is such a strange way to phrase a potential trade unless they are trying to trade with the Detroit Lions who hold the sixth pick in the draft. Assuming that the draft goes the way that Adam Schefter suggests, moving up to six would allow the Titans to take either C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson, or Will Levis (though the odds would suggest that it is really down to Stroud and Richardson).”

I don’t 100% agree with his logic, but it’s what he used to come up with us as the most likely trade option.


That’s my number 1 scenario.


Unless someone unexpected drops (Carter/Anderson), I’d gladly drop the 5 spots for their 2nd rounder. The quality of player at 11 and 6 is not drastically different, IMO.

I would expect to get one of JSN/Witherspoon/Porter/Skoronski/Gonzalez at 11 and I think they all could be in play at 6 (except Skoronski).


Where are you gonna put all these draftees?

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I’d just use the 2nd round picks to move up from 18 or package a couple to move back into the first. I wouldn’t mind 3 first round picks.


You’d almost have to. If I was forced to take a 2nd rounder in return I’d almost rather it be a 2024 2nd rounder. Pushing capital into future year drafts is a great use of the chart value.


We could always use that capital to move around in the draft or for future capital. I also think there are more spots open than we realize.

For example, We trade down with Tennessee for 11, 41, and a 2024 4th. We take JSN at 11.

We use our own picks 18 and 55 to move up to 13 to grab Witherspoon and get the Jets 4th rounder back 112

We then use #41 from the Titans with our own pick 81 and a 5th rounder to move up to 25 to take Bijan.

You can insert the players you want, but getting more capital gives us crazy flexibility to attack this draft.

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Fair enough. I’m still doing everything I can to get their 2024 1st, and I really don’t think I can make the trade without it. It is just so, so valuable.


We would have to throw in our 2024 2nd to get their 2024 1st most likely… i think you are asking too much for qb4

I agree. I remember @Cynodon starting a thread a couple months back with a trade up package to get a third first rd pick.

I’m leaning towards the idea that the Lions do not draft as many players as we have picks. I think we only have 6 players from this draft and they’ll be players that they are targeting.


Well in the hypothetical posed by the article, it would be for QB 3. And I don’t think there’s any way we’d have to give them that much in return. The Bills traded a 1st and 2 2nds to move up from 12 to 7 to draft Allen, that’s more in chart capital than a future 1st would be.


I hope these are the exact type of responses Brad is giving. 5/6 is really where the prospects move from tier 1/2 to tier 2/3. For me tier 1: Young, Stroud, Anderson, Carter and I expect they will be gone by the time the Lions are on the clock.