Rod Wood: The non-football guy running an NFL team

I’m still incredibly baffled as to how Rod Wood is a major part of an NFL franchise. Is this normal in the NFL? Are there any other teams who place people with no football experience whatsoever in leadership positions in the front office and let them have major input into staff hires?

Our GM and HC report to this guy. It’s insane.

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He’s basically been Richard Limp since he took over.

He needs to go away.

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Definitely weird

Can’t go over budget

Technically but I think Spielman has a big voice in upper management decision making. Campbell seems like a Spielman guy, for instance.


Agreed. Hopefully the office LB’er can restore some balance to the force.

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Hopefully he fares better than the last office LBer in upper management (cringe).


Who was our last office LB’er?

This has been re-hashed a zillion times, but it’s pretty common for football operations to report up through a CFO type. Rod runs the business side of the team, and he’s done nothing but insert football people between him and the on-field product.

I understand people lashing out in all directions when things are as shitty as they are, but I fail to see how replacing Wood with a different bean counter or a more meddling owner would meaningfully change things.


the hypnosis must have worked…

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hahaha - forgot he was a LBr.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again …It’d be handy AF if I was smarter :wink:

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Wood doesn’t make football decisions, he’s just a figure head.

Campbell , Holmes and spielman make the football decisions.

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The Office Thats GIF

He approves budget. Lions didn’t eat the contract of Bq MP a year earlier.
How do we know that wasn’t a budget decidin vs football only ?

I went on record as one of the biggest Rod Wood questioners on this board. I was astonished when he turned over his power to “football guys.” But make no mistake…our current misery is the result of football guys. Not Rod Wood.

Jack Easterby with the Texans is a non football guy who is making football decisions. The results are poor in either case and our results are actually worse. But it’s not because Rod Wood is making football decisions. He got out of the way and empowered football guys.


Yeah…Rod doesnt have much to say football-wise

Spielman is the football guy

Wood is business and a face…

Not even worried about Rod Wood anymore.

It was concerning before Spielman got involved though.

Technically it was Russ Thomas???..nope, OT.


Honestly @Doctor_Love said it best. This isn’t that crazy and everything I’ve read and listened to and those I have talked to have said it’s not that big of a deal. Essentially he sits in the meetings and he is kept in the loop and he trusts the decisions that Holmes and MCDC want to make……really don’t get why people are hung up on it……and from a business perspective he has done a great job, you should listen to the local media talk about how things around the stadium have improved since he took over.


It’s a complicated story that begins with Mayhew, Lewand, William Clay Ford Sr and the immediate family.

I’m sure alcohol sales are up in recent years. :rofl: