Ron Rivera fired

Per Rappaport

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Bring him in now



Yep bring him in. Proven head coach with a winning record, playoff wins. Only thing that truly held Carolina back IMO was the QB play, except one year


Dude will for sure be a head coach again in the not too distant future. His roster became kind of busted and he’s been there quite a while. Probably good for both parties to part ways in this case.

I like that they are being proactive as well. Waiting till the end of the season does no good for them or RR. RR can look elsewhere, and they can begin their plan for a HC search before having to battle with every other team that waits till 4 or 5 more weeks.

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See - this is what confuses me about owners and lacking patience…

My caveat is I don’t follow them and can only speculate…

This guy has taken them to playoffs four times, two fictional titles and SB appearance but no SB win in the last seven yrs. and he is fired

A Lions HC would be given a statute…

Like Matt, Cam is hurt … I don’t get it.

Other than wanting a new, fresh start AKA it’s time deal… this makes no sense.

Just me


They, unlike the owners and a lot of fans in Detroit, have expectations. We have none. We give blank checkbooks and twice as many years as deserved to our FO and coaching staff. It’s a tradition here.

He’s been there for quite some time. They want to move on to something new. They have been able to recover from bad years and get back to contending. They aren’t scared of change. They have higher goals, plain and simple.

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Ownership has changed hands and Ron is not “their guy.” They probably thought about firing him after going 7-9 last year, but with the season seeming to skid off the rails this year as well, it looks like they went ahead and pulled the trigger. One interesting note is that Ron has never had back to back winning seasons.


So, you are saying new owners and they change coaching staff within two hrs of taking said ownership.

Then another poster says they are awesome for doing it and the Lions sucks

But wait!!!

Isn’t that what Martha just did?


If the Browns don’t get Lincoln Riley, they’ll nab Rivera.

The Browns be in a Super Bowl, eventually. The Lions won’t.


LOL okay


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If the browns get RR … I don’t know about a SB win but they will make the playoffs in my humble opinion

I would hire him as a LB coach or DC that’s for sure.

Curious, what coaches have done that sort of almost but not quite and then won a ring.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me you’ve got the juice or You don’t.

For example, if Sean Payton were to leave the saints, I’d hire him in a heart beat. He’s proven that he has that extra gear. I’d never hire Norv Turner or Andy Reid.

Why in the hell would Payton come to the Lions? He would have his pick of any opening out there. Surely, many more teams would have a nicer situation than this shitshow.

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Oh, I agree. I use him as an example of a retread Coach who I WOULD hire.

I’d never hire a long time HC who’s never reached the promised land.

Gary Kubiak pulled this off quite nicely in 2017

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Fair enough

I believe John Harbaugh and Tony Dungy did the same.

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Dan Reeves and John Fox have had success in other organizations after taking a team to the SB.