Rounds 2-3: Draft Day 2 Thread

Keep it here.

I’ll be posting intermittently with the Live Chat link for those who want to talk in real-time.

Thread will open automatically at 6:25 PM ET.

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Chat link for those of you interested …

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I believe there is less time between picks in round 2, thank god!

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Michael Mayer pick 34

Yes the gap between 34 and 48 should go much quicker.

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I’m taking AA!

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Don’t make me leave this room. I’m not in the mood to lose my shit tonight.

7 mins in round 2, 5 mins in round 3

I have a weird gut feeling we take a QB in the 2nd rd, not sure who but I think it’s coming

Awaits impending melt down as Lions draft a QB or TE in the 2nd :see_no_evil:

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Reckon we may go for Levi’s

I think most of us can handle it, after RB and LB yesterday, haha


Live Draft Chat: Chat #The Den Live NFL Draft Chat

So I can only conclude that this thread is in un-real time. Perhaps this is a computer simulation? Perhaps when Day 2 is done, this process will be repeated with slightly different information and variability introduced by perverse programmers?

OK, I’m just paranoid.