Same. Old. Lions

Prove me wrong.


Meh only they can do that and they absolutely refuse to play the 4th quarter of games soooo… hey at least they are consistent with 11 collapses with Matty p at the helm.

Nope. This was the epitome of SOL. Layers of SOL.
It’s too bad. I really expected more after what I thought were impressive Free Agent and Draft seasons.
Oh well. They’re a known quantity at this point. SOL.


This one hurts bad


On the bright side, with all of the secondary injuries we will welcome Okudah with open arms until he gives up that first TD…lol

good thing is there aren’t fans in the stands… bad thing is that it is because of covid…

Swift had that damn ball, but then his hands remembered he was wearing a Lions uniform.

Welcome to Detroit Swift! You’ll fit in PERFECT around here!


That’s your first mistake.


New Lions players look a LOT like old Lions players.
Big V and Okudah - out before game starts
Collins, Trufant and Coleman - out during game
That’s Minus 6 starters (5 on D).
Swift drops game winning touchdown.

Golladay and Coleman out too. Stafford dropping bonehead sacks and picks when it really counts.

That is epitome of SOL, I’m sorry to say.


That is a good thing, isn’t it? Those among us who’ve suffered losses, both in the win-loss column and from their savings accounts, can at least say their savings accounts are intact.

It was the 2019 Lions, like an exaggerated version. A 2020 remake of 2019 that’s a tad too much to be believable. Surely they put too much choke in there for it to be based on a true story.

There really can be no defending Patricia now, can there be?

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If you say Same Old Lions, youre missing the bigger picture.

The Lions are doing special work here with the string of inventive ways to lose. Its fresh. Its exciting. It gives others something to point when they think things can’t get worse.


I left the house to take my daughter to the grand parents and it was 23-6…just got home and checked the score.

It didn’t even hurt. I smirked and shrugged my shoulders.

Completely ridiculous that they lost this game…but how many times have they done this??


It really is a tremendous achievement

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We’ve seen this game 213.7 times…so yep.

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I’m not trying to pile on but I have a bigger problem with this than the Swift choke. Matt’s our leader. The interception was a little too hero ball in that situation but I’m not going to kill him for getting too aggressive.

The sack just can’t happen.

Does Prater make a 44 yarder? Then we have a 34 yarder for the win?

That was just a really inexcusable play. Totally mental, totally self-inflicted and 100% losing football

I get that it’s just one play, but that was a really bad one IMO.


Tampa strikes first!!! Tune in a watch a legitimate QB in Tom Brady


SOL. Nothing has changed.

Swift caught on faster than I thought he would.

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