Scary when your GM admits to not believing in Cousins

He’s not wrong, but

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Maybe a bit too candid. You don’t have to say that


No one has done less with more than Kirk Cousins. I’m hard on Goff, but at least he won in LA. Kirk Cousins went to a team that had just finished 13-3 and he made them significantly worse. I will never understand why the Vikings are so paralyzed in fear at the idea of moving on from Kirk Cousins.




Cousins should openly admit to questioning his GM’s limitations.


Cousins is pretty darn good. I’ll be stoked if they ditch him for some rookie


That could be a spark.

I agree, he might be in the top 5 for QB’s in the NFC. Rodgers, Brady, Stafford are the top 3. And then who!? Dak, maybe 4th. Think about it. I aint sold on Murray at all. I think Cousins would be 5th overall.

I actually think Cousins and Goff are pretty similar QB’s. Pocket passers that aint going to do much with their feet, but with some weapons and a clean pocket, they can make some good on time throws. Much better than what many teams have in the NFC. And interestingly enough Sean McVay coached both of them when they were both early in their careers.

The AFC on the other hand is loaded with talented QB’s.


I went and looked at NFC teams to see if I was missing anyone. I think Goff is at least as good as Cousins.

I would call them 5th and 4th in the NFC…that said, most of the good ones are in the AFC, and the NFC is fairly weak right now.


How about just 1 division. The AFC West that is. Mahomes, Wilson, Herbert, and Carr. What a division for QB talent. Carr might be the worst QB in the division and he’s been to 3 pro bowls.

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Goff would have gotten the Vikings to the playoffs in Cousin’s place. You really don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt when you have Jefferson, Cook, Thielen, etc. and still miss the playoffs because you got outplayed by the likes of Cooper Rush

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Josh Allen is the best QB in football

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Cousins numbers as a starter

7 seasons, 1 missed game.

2515 for 3797 66.3%…70% twice.

29533 yards. 4220 yards a year.

205 TD or 29.7/yr.

72 picks. 10.3/yr.

7.7 yards/att.

102 qb rating as a starter

Its hard to compare across eras, but its better than Russ Wilsons numbers…every single one of them except picks.



Minny just has their shields up to deflect the negativity for making such a shitty trade on draft day.


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I dearly hope the Vikings find their next Christian Ponder. During the course of my life, Minnesota has had overall decent QB play. Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Duante Culpepper, Brett Favre, and now Cousins. Decent, but not spectacular, and outside of Culpepper (Who had Chris Carter, Randy Moss, and Jake Reed(how do you screw that up?)) the Vikings have never drafted the position well, and I fervently hope that never changes!


Which one? :laughing:

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Give me Mahomie!

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Except playoff wins/intangibles which is what separates the great QBs from the good.

I’ve always looked at Cousins and Stafford in a similar vein for years up until last year. Very good QBs that put up big numbers but could never win the big games. I know that’s a controversial statement around here but I’ve always saw those two in the same tier with guys like Prescott, Carr, Ryan etc. The 7-12 group. Goff is a level below these guys.

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I agree with this, with the caveat that Cousins has a substantially lower ceiling than Goff. Goff has more arm talent and, while I don’t think he can do more with less, I think he can do more with the same.

That being said, Cousins is a legit starter who plays at or near his best pretty much all of the time. Has he been overpaid historically? For sure. But Zimmer and company were dipsticks for not being able to win more with him.