Schefter: Rodgers turned down new contract

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Interesting…… so what is it about. What’s he want?

If he really wanted to be traded you would think he would have pushed the subject more.

If he wants to retire you would think he would have opted out of this season and kept the guaranteed money. 18 mil I believe it was.

Obviously everyone understands that he feels disrespected. So how do you get past that with Rogers. They showed him respect by offering to pay him.

There’s been reports that he wants the GM fired. I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

It’s a tad surprising Rogers hasn’t been more vocal about what he wants.


However, when it comes to contracts, it’s all about structure and guaranteed money. So, making him the “highest paid QB” on paper doesn’t mean much if the Packers can still pull the rug in a couple of years because, for example, the two additional years are just voidable ones designed to move more money into the present.

BTW, can’t wait for the Jordan Love era to begin. Rodgers has been almost as big a thorn in the Lions side as Brett Favre.

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To me, it feels like he wants an ass whipping :wink:
He’s literally begging for it.
Hope the new DL can provide!

My gut says he just wants to be able to play where he wants. He just witnessed Brady and then Stafford orchestrate their own pathway to greener pastures, but he still stuck where he was drafted. Obviously he also does not like the top brass in GB, but they’re the ones who are controlling him. I’m guessing he just wants control of his pathway to western pastures.


At first I thought he wanted out but if he did, he could have opted out.

Then I thought it was about money, but turning this down points to that not being the case.

The only thing left is he wants the GM gone. That has to be it.

PFT Analysis

"But what does that really mean? Rodgers is currently under contract through 2023, and what he wants in any new deal is what he currently doesn’t have: Financial guarantees that end the year-to-year flexibility that the Packers enjoy with his current contract. The Packers can easily afford to cut Rodgers and move on to Jordan Love after the 2021 season, and Rodgers doesn’t like that. He wants a contract that makes it financially difficult or impossible for the Packers to move on.

If the Packers offered Rodgers $50 million non-guaranteed salaries in 2024 and 2025, that would be meaningless to Rodgers, even though it would technically qualify as a two-year extension that makes him the highest-paid player in the NFL, as Schefter’s report states.

The Packers’ longstanding practice has been to avoid significant guarantees beyond a player’s signing bonus. For the most part, that has served them well: Green Bay rarely finds itself in the uncomfortable salary cap position of having a past-his-prime player who’s still owed significant guaranteed money.

But Rodgers doesn’t want to be treated the way the Packers ordinarily treat players. He thinks he has earned a contract that breaks with the Packers’ past precedent and gives him real guarantees about his future. Whatever the Packers have offered Rodgers so far, it isn’t what he’s looking for."

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Maybe he’s still salty at LaFleur for not giving him a 4th and goal opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. I would be. That was some bullshit.

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I think, like Stafford/Brady/others, he isn’t happy with what the front office is doing . . . hence the report he wants the GM fired. As much as I dislike him, I can’t blame him, when you are at the end of your career, the time is limited and GB traded up to draft a backup QB, that if the above report is true, may never play in Green Bay. Really what does this say about Jordan Love?

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Other options, that I see is, maybe the contract could be traded and he wouldn’t have much control on where to play. :man_shrugging:


God…How can you not just want to punch this face.


He really wants out of GB! Don’t understand why GB wouldn’t grant him his wish. They drafted Love. What Rodgers has given them deserves a reasonable accommodation in return.

About the only thing I hate more than GB is Aaron Rodgers. Being a whiney bitch is what Rodgers does, he’s thrown teammates, coaches, managers and family under the bus throughout his career. All I can see is the public side of things and history, but THIS IS RODGERS! He could play for another organization and his behavior would devolve with a similar outcome. Smartest guy in the room syndrom, he has always thought more if himself than anyone else (not an uncommon characteristic in highly successful people).

And while I understand professional athletes wanting more control, at the end of the day they are still an employee. If they want control of an organization, buy a team. It’s the ownerships prerogative to run the organization how they see fit, good or bad (WC Ford), and the employees prerogative to accept or reject that job. He signed the contract, stop bitching and play or walk away. While happy to see angst in the faces all the Packers fans I live amongst, I hate ever seeing Erin take center stage, HATE IT!


prayers for lots of professional struggle be upon you, Mr Rodgers.

Let us instead see a massive force for good (like Coach Dan), whip major ass and set a great example for all of mankind.


I’m starting to like Rodgers a bit more due to this whole ordeal. Hopefully he turned it down like this…



Or it’s just all about his love for attention! He is an ego maniac after all.


I’m sure that the Packers leaking this is really going to improve their relationship.

That front office is all that a Lions fan could hope for.

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This seems pretty straightforward to me. Dude has more than lived up to his contract in Green Bay, has had them vying for a super bowl every season for the last 13 years, turned in an MVP season last year. He believes he’s earned the right to not be unceremoniously dumped the minute they think they can live without him, and to have some say in his future if they decide to move on. He’s right, he has more than earned that, and the way that front office is treating him is shameful.

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My read is that this is all about the front office. He wants a couple guys canned and his position is that they screwed the chances for GB to win a super bowl by not selecting weapons.

He can justify to his teammates and the world that he cares about winning and they are the weak link preventing ascension.

He doesn’t care about the money or probably the contract as this would have been resolved.

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The difference is that Stafford and Brady were playing for sinking franchises whereas the Packers are still a SB contender so I don’t think it has to do with the franchise or winning.

ARod is a complicated guy but I think it boils down to one thing, drafting Jordan Love. That was the beginning of the end for the relationship between him and management. I knew at that moment that Rodgers would ask out at some point.


I wanna take the song “Dancing Queen,” and shift the words around to make it about Rodgers…and change the title to “Drama Queen”.

SO fitting

Ooooh, see that girl
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