Sean McVay trolls NFL on Lions-Cowboys blown call

Or is he playing 4D Chess trying to work the refs 24 hrs before the game???

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So I guess by McVay’s logic…
he has never won an NFC championship game as a coach?


Orlovsky called it out a few weeks ago.

Nice to know we’re not alone is knowing we got jobbed in Dallas several years ago.


Matt did and Sean is…

Matt seems to be a very trust worthy person. Sean appears to have little worry that Matt might pipe Veronika.


Maybe Sean and Matt have that whole Fleetwood mac vibe to them? You know where Kelly and Veronika enjoy playing with them at the same time. That’s the problem, Goff didn’t include his girl

When not in the heat of the moment, McVay is very thoughtful with his comments. They have a purpose.

Here we go again, Lions fans trying to give Stafford a win which he didn’t get.

Pettigrew runs with Hitchens facemask in his hand for 10 yards and somehow the refs missed a penalty on the Cowboys.

Here We Go Again GIF by MOODMAN

Goff went his own way?

Love that they are rubbing it in NFL’s face but it doesn’t take away the pain

Agreed, they should’ve thrown a flag for this because that’s also the rule.

The grassy knoll of Lions playoff games. At the very least when you throw a flag and then pick it up there has to be an explanation, and there wasn’t one.

Or you could, you know, throw it to Calvin who is wide open…


Matt didnt see him, he had the sun in his eyes.

The one that only shines on him?

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yep…petti was the #1 receiver on that play and matt never looked at anyone else. Not to mention throwing it BEHIND him and not leading him.

that’s matts biggest problem is there are times he just locks onto #1 and stays there. I think him having calvin to start his career actually hurt his decision making.

Damn you guys ought to do that with Goff’s first 10 games, then you will really see guy a that got blind by moon beams or a flashlight. Throwing it a whole 5 yrds.

Most people don’t know this but for years the Stafford family has been illegally transmitting Kelly Stafford into Matt’s helmet and Kelly then tells him where to throw. Matt’s an obedient husband.

IMO, it’s not a Goff/Stafford conversation. It’s a Stafford conversation (though what you say is 100% true).

If any QB was held to the standard that some dudes hold Stafford go, you could do the same thing for other QBs. No big deal. They are desperately concerned with “being right.” Just let them have that. Who cares what some dude with a silly internet name thinks about a QB. Just pretend they’re talking about a tennis player and not care.

Why would this come up so much in such random places if they weren’t seeking significance? Answer–> it wouldn’t .

All people have somewhat of a blind spot.

You have to admit its ironic that the play most talked about, the Pettigrew flag pick up, is the same play where Calvin was wide open and only had a deep safety to beat for a TD. 240 lbs running full speed at that poor safety, good luck.

The flag was pretty weak IMO, but not weak enough to pick up the flag. But the whole conversation is moot if Staff can read the field.