Second-round selections of Levi Onwuzurike and Josh Paschal not paying off


For me, 100% agree on Levi, think that book gets closed after this season.
Paschal isn’t paying off yet so I agree, However, I don’t think the final chapter is written on him yet.


I think he’s got a lot more rope than Onwuzurike, who could soon find himself out of a job.


Agree on Paschal. This is just his second year isn’t it?

If he isn’t starting or playing a bunch of meaningful snaps next year I’d be worried.

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Let’s get rid of this bum of a GM. Anything less than 100% perfect drafting is unacceptable.

Most of the armchair GMs here have a self-reported 150% hit rate, so it should be easy to just slot one of them in.


Tbf, from what i posted in another thread yesterday

Hutch, mcneil, benito paschal is arguably our best pass rushing four, highest pressure rate for us

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Injuries, similar to levi seem to be the issue, but it isnt as bad as levi

Yeah im fine giving paschal a long rope, but we need a new dc imo or we need walsh back for dl coach

I am still holding out hope for Pascal. But it has to start now in the final 6+ games and bleed over into the offseason.

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This is a touchy subject around here because it suggests the picks weren’t great.
Well, they weren’t.
The four 2nd and 3rd round picks addressing the need for talent at DL has produced 1 regular contributor. There’s a chance that could improve, but we have a LOT of draft capital invested in very few meaningful snaps.


LaPorta and Branch have broken the string of bad to mediocre/underwhelming 2d Rd picks, but the two guys mentioned in the article haven’t panned out. Paschal has shown a few flashes, but that’s it.


I can’t get behind this take. My batting average in rounds 1-3 would have been damn close to Brads, and so would many others in here frankly.

Sewell- got a majority of the votes in our poll with only J Chase or Parsons getting much consideration.

Hutch- a few wanted Thibz or Sauce, but most were in Hutch… a big majority. BTW- Thibz on pace for 15 plus sacks… I was in team Hutch all the way, but Thibz has surpassed my expectations.

  • the moment we traded up, this forum went crazy for Jordan Davis and Kyle Hamilton, and that majority would have been better than Holes did in my opinion.

J Carter- I admittedly overreacted to his off field stuff. That said, again the majority of the arm chair GMs wanted Carter, Spoon or Bijan…

  • at #18 Joey Porter Jr got a lot of love…. Along with interior OL-

Paschal just needs to get healthy and stay healthy. Hell, both of them although Paschall seems to have the better shot of the two.

We’ve drafted pretty good overall. What we need is a couple of superstars to make things easier on the whole team. I love the whole team concept Campbell has brought to the Lions, but having a dominant guy or two on both sides of the ball goes a long way.


Here has been my only issue with Holmes, and frankly I’d love our team to go to NO, win by 10 while controlling the tempo from start to finish, and shut me up….

Guys like dHouston, Rodrigo, Kerby, and to some extent Mitchell, Barnes etc got Brads rep as a late round gem finder rolling…

The issue I have is that…


  • all seemingly studs, great picks!!!

Bro Mart

  • many got serious playing time as rookies and showed flashes, but have since regressed a bit, been kept away by injuries, or have peaked a lower end starters.

By no means am I saying Holmes didn’t kill it, but if Rodrigo is a gimmick FB and special teams player, I’d stop calling him a steal…

Last year we saw Mitchell make a few plays once off the IR, and many thought he had nice TE2 potential this year…. He isn’t touching the field…

Last year Houston was a monster, now he’s hurt, but what if he doesn’t play again this year, then is a 3-4 sack role player next year? Still nice to have him make the team as a 6th…. But if he’s not an 8-10 sack guy, he’s not real a STEAL…

Kerby was credited for ending Erin, and most thought his 4 ints were the beginning of a pro bowl type ballhawk. He’s regressed in most every way including production.

Yes Sorsdal made the team as a 5th… but if he can’t break 65 pff rating level play next year, then he shouldn’t be starting, so again a nice cheap bench guy?

Bro Mart can’t beat out Buggs or Benito?

Iffy can’t beat out Walker who looks a step slow out there.

Jamo is playing better, but Jalen Hyatt was a 3rd round deep threat project…. He has 19 catches on 27 targets for 330 yards with Tommy Devitt throwing to him……


Or even Cowboys castoff Quentin Bohanna…

The truth is not every pick will hit. I don’t expect Brad to nail every pick 100%.

The issue is that of Levi, Paschal, and BroMart he’s getting almost nothing out of these day two picks on the DL. And when they were taken, there were a lot of mixed reactions at the time for each of them.

Like I said, I think Brad has done a great job overall. But his mid round DL picks lead me to believe there is a weakness in the talent evaluation in this area because these picks have consistently been questionable when they occured and haven’t worked out how the team may have wanted and it’s really sucked because instead of having contributors, we’ve invested a lot of draft capital into an area that should now be a strength but is now a weekness.


On virtually an every week basis

Very well put and I think we have Sewell, Ra, and Hutch…

The issue

Jack Campbell
Bro Mart

That’s 2 mid firsts, 2 seconds, and 4 thirds……6 defenders taken with premium picks…

3 sacks, 2 ints, and 121 “combined tackles including assists

  • look at the FA contract Bears TJ Edwards just got 6.5M per…. 127 tackles, 2 ints, 2 sacks himself ytd.
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A three year career for a guy drafted when Rodrigo was
Might make him a steal ( better than where he was picked )

I’m not sure what an acceptable bench mark is for fans when looking at a GM and keeping in mind
The NFL system for development is highly flawed and all the GMs miss.

While many pundits have lions as a top 10 team ( is that thanks to Brad? )
Seems like fans hold them in much lower regard ( is that thanks to Brad?)

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Really great post. Bravo brother!!!

I think Brads track record for drafting can be defined next year….

When you have 2 top 7 picks, 2 selections at #12, one at #18…. Another 4 from #34-47… and 5 picks in round 3…. It’s hard not to hit……

Bro Mart

A lot of capital spent for 10.5 combined sacks and less than 65 combined tackles.

Fair points but….

Brad is Dans boss, and Dan is AGs boss…. It’s pretty clear EITHER AG or Brad are a bit overrated. Why?

The fact that Paschal, Levi, Bro Mart, Romeo, C Harris, Comish, Buggs…. All been drafted high or paid well, or signed and re-signed.

That’s a lot of intentional moves for 7 guys who 3.5 sacks and played just 1025 snaps…. Out of 5,500 possible.

That’s also about 17M in cap space this year, and about 20M next year despite Harris and Romeo being gone….

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