Senior Bowl

If there was a thread on this I apologize, but I didn’t see it. Just saw the list of participants on and what’s really interesting is the QBs participating.


All of the big names outside of Corral. That is a huge advantage for us to coach in this game as we will get an up close look at these guys. Hopefully we coach Ridder, Willis, and Howell as Pickett won’t be there in the late 1st.

I am not an advocate of taking a QB but love the fact we will get a first hand look at these guys


The Senior Bowl is a whole lot more interesting this year with all those QBs going at it. I love it personally. It should really help clear up the QB situation for this coaching staff.


I know we’re expected to be named one of the staffs, but have they officially announced it yet?

The season isn’t even over yet so I doubt they have.

Domann at safety is interesting. I’d love him there in the 1994 NFL but I think he has to be a light in the pants LBer to be successful in the league.

Great for the QB’s. I hope Willis and Pickett play for our side. If not, they’ll still get a leg up on their evals.

what are the rules for selecting a staff? I’d assume no new HC’s…

I think it’s awesome that Zappe will be testing his skills with those other guys. I have a feeling he’s really gonna rise up draft boards after the Senior Bowl.

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I honestly thought it was the worst team in each conference assuming they accept the responsibility.

Also the coaching staff needs to remain the same from the previous season, at least the majority of it. Like Jags won’t be an option. I would be very surprised if the Lions weren’t one of the teams

Who coaches the Senior Bowl?
National Football League coaching staffs coach the two Senior Bowl teams each year. The staffs are determined in cooperation with the NFL. The teams with the lowest winning percentage that season usually get the first opportunity to coach in the game, but only if a majority of their staff - and head coach - are intact.

Oddly enough, the Dolphins coaching staff coached one of the teams last year and the Fins had a record of 10-6. But looking back a couple years, seems to usually be worst teams that didn’t fire their head coach.

Maybe they felt bad because the Dolphins went 10-6 that year and missed the playoffs while the Bears made it at 8-8 and WFT at 7-9. :thinking:

Practices have started. Look like Jermaine Johnson is showing out.

He’s my Edge #3 I wouldn’t be shocked if he wound up top ten.


WR’s… several WRs passed the eyeball test. Cincinnati’s Alec Pierce, for example, who measured in at 6-2.5 with 32.5-inch arms impressed with his length. Same for Christian Watson of North Dakota State who measured in at 6-4 with 10-inch plus hands and 32.7 inch arms. And same with Romeo Doubs of Nevada who is 6-2 with 32-inch plus arms and 10-inch plus hands

TE’s…a very good looking group of TEs in Mobile this week. Charlie Kolar of Iowa State, though, probably was the standout, at least in shorts, as he came in at 6-6, 256, with 10-inch plus hands and 34-inch arms. Meanwhile, Trey McBride of Colorado State and Coastal Carolina’s Isaiah Likely, the two top-rated TEs at the Senior Bowl this week were generally able to check off most of the boxes, although at 6-3, 250, McBride may be a little smaller than people expected, although he’s also got 10-inch hands and 32.5 inch arms. On the other hand, nobody expected Likely to be that bulky, so 241 at 6-4 was okay for him, while he also has 10-inch hands and 32.25-inch arms.

DT…impressive group of defensive linemen in Mobile this week which should set up an interesting week of practice battles between the two. DTs Perrion Winfrey of Oklahoma, Phil Mathis of Alabama and UCLA’s Otito Ogbonni, for example, were all able to check off the box they needed to with maybe an extra star thrown in. Winfrey, for example, measured in at 6-3.5, 303 with 10.5 inch hands and 35.5-inch arms, while Mathis was almost as impressive at 6-3.7, 331 with 10.25 hands and 34.5-inch hands. The Bruins Ogbinno, meanwhile, was something of a revelation at 6-3.5, 326 with 35-inch plus arms and 10-inch hands. The DEs weren’t quite as impressive aoverall, but there was no question that South Carolina’s JJ Enagbare checked off all the boxes as he measured in at 6-3.5, 261 with 10.25-inch hands and 35″ arms. Cam Thomas of San Diego also looked good at 6-4, 265, with 10-inch hands and 33-inch arms.

DB’s…Auburn CB Roger McCreary was big enough at 5-11, 190, but came in with very short arms under 30-inches. On the other hand, unheralded Texas-San Antonio CB Tariq Woolen turned some heads at 6-3, 205 with 33.5-inch arms.

From Great Blue North… Senior Bowl Weigh-in hi-lites - Great Blue North Draft Report

Verona McKinley was added to the Jets squad. He’s a day three safety I like. All the insiders here in Eugene gush about his leadership abilities. Probably just a meh athlete but great instincts and a threat as a ball hawk.

Not suprised. I think he’s a top 20-25 pick.

I wish Pleasants got a chance to work with Williams. 10.68 100m guy in HS and has the length that we seem to prize. Doubs may move up our list since Brad seems to love the GPS speeds. White is a weapon. Love that kid especially in the receiving game.


Yeah looking for the times from the American team to see how they match up, but was definitely surprised by Doubs.

White surprises me a little bit but I think his speed is deceptive bc of his gait. Real long strider for a RB. That’s probably why he just annihilated angles in college.

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Every year I see people fall for the same traps.

Just because a guy has long legs does not make him slow, though he may look slower than a guy with quick leg rotation but shorter distance per stride.

That is why the gps trackers that do MPH are so important.