Shanahan. Is he bit overated?

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Tough to run the ball into those boxes. L’Jarius Sneed said after the game that they wanted Purdy passing as much as possible.

Shanahan is a brilliant schemer and play caller, but in his three Super Bowls he’s brought a Ryan, a Garoppolo and a Purdy to a Brady / Mahomes fight. Swap the QBs in all three games and Shanahan has three rings IMO.


I’d say he’s rated right. I mean how many coaches are going to Superbowls with Jimmy G and Purdy? Hell, Shanny might be the only one. Had they traded for Stafford. Shanny arguably has a ring right now.


Peak Matt Ryan was pretty freaking good


Two perhaps

John Lynch doesn’t get nearly enough heat for the 49ers QB woes. As an athlete, Purdy will always be closer to Brian Griese than Steve Young.

He looked rattled yesterday, but this is the best KC defense since the peak of the Marty Schottenheimer days. I think Purdy will learn from this and become better in the long run. But, if Bo Nix and/or Michael Penix are sitting there at #31, would you consider an upgrade?

The gap is much smaller between a Mahomes and Goff, who is already 2-0 in head-to-head matchups versus the State Farm Insurance spokesperson.


Purdy and Goff get the same type of hate
Yet they’re lucky they play on winning teams where everything is almost always perfect.

You know his dad thought he was a running back savant after lucking into Terrell Davis. That ended when he drafted Maurice Clarett…

Mike Shanahan had like 5 other 1,000 yard rushers. If anything the success of all of those backs made me question how good Terrell Davis actually was. Being the first of many might have made him stand out a little more than if he were say…the 3rd or 4th guy. Plus it came with the bright lights playing with John Elway and Super Bowls.

Terrell Davis
Olandis Gary
Mike Anderson
Clinton Portis
Tatum’s Bellhop Service
Alfred Morris

I think Shanahan is rated right, guy is a very good coach.

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Yeah, I remembered Mike Anderson, but my memory blocked out the other ones. Just proves what my old boss in the Air Force used to say, “You can have a hundred ‘Atta-Boys’, but all people remember is the one ‘Aw :poop:’.”

One of the things that made all of those running backs was Shanahan’s innovative zone blocking scheme using lighter offensive linemen no one really wanted at the time. It was a neat system that was one cut and go. His teams really cleaned up drafting guys like Tom Nalen in the low rounds who were a perfect scheme fit.

Terrell Davis probably had one of the greatest first four years in the NFL of all time, and yes, that system certainly helped him, but no one during that era ran for 2000 yards on a fluke. He was never the same after that knee though. Sad.

Saw this one niner blame

Starting guard is hurt

Playing young depth

Play was open for td

Execution had a mix up

“Im sorry bro,” Feliciano wrote. “I woke up hungover and being a bitch. In trying to have ones back I hurt u. It’s f-Ed up and I apologize. You got nothing but greatness ahead of you. I’m sorry bro.”

Is that Kyle fault ?

Kyle Shanahan might be a good offensive coordinator but I don’t know if he will ever be a great head coach.

Espnbaby Sr ,only 16 coors beers

I agree to an extent… but then again he keeps having a top 10 defense every year too despite him losing his coordinators over and over again.

So he knows how to hire good staff and clearly has connections around the league.

Saleh and Ryans both got head coaching gigs.

Shanny has taken 3 teams to Super Bowls…

with Matt Ryan…
Jimmy G….
and Purdy.

against the GOAT and Mahomes twice….

and led all 3 games by double digits.

Seems like an amazing track record to me.


I think Shanahan might be like McVay in that he needs a Matthew Stafford.

Like Goff under McVay, Garoppolo and now Purdy are just robots doing what they’re told to do in Shanahan’s offense. Neither of them has developed the kind of smarts, nous or ability to solve problems in real time that you get by being given genuine responsibility and building up a body of experience of sinking and swimming by purely your own decision making. That’s what Stafford brought to the Rams, and that’s what Goff has developed in Detroit. They’re obviously going to stick with Purdy, but maybe they need to go down the veteran route like McVay did with Stafford, and get themselves a QB who isn’t going to be a robot.

Interestingly, Adam Schefter tweeted before the Super Bowl that the 49ers didn’t even study Mahomes in 2017 (they had the 2nd overall pick) because the plan was to sign Kirk Cousins in free agency the following offseason. Then they got offered Jimmy G and took that option. So they’ve f-ed up the QB position a few times, Kirk over Mahomes, Jimmy over Kirk and then trading the house for Lance.

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One other thought I had about Shanahan is that his teams generally play hard and his system is down pat.

I’ve heard that he is not all that enjoyable and that it feels like work going into that lock room compared to the Lions that it feels like a family.

Obviously his locker room works so there is no right way, but it feels like the Lions have a better shot at certain perks like FA destination and home town discounts.

Shanahan feels closer to Bilichick than Campbell.

Are your standard reasonable for great?

He’s lost super bowls to Brady and BB
Mahomes and Andy Reid who might even be better than Brady and BB

He may have faults. It’s hard to argue against success.

No, not over rated at all. He’s young, smart, and creative. He’s in my top 3 for coaches wanted if I was a GM of a team.

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