Should games really end in a tie?

Do you think it’s good for the NFL to have games end in a tie?

Should the NFL go to a shoot-out at the end of the game?
Have a FG contest between the kickers?

Any ideas?

Eh, I’m fine with it. It happens pretty rarely and unlike baseball, there’s a real chance of injury so unending extra frames present a real downside

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No issue here.

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NFL kickers are so much better now a days so I can see the game last longer which leads to more injuries.

College is different.

Tie games are so… soccer.

I think you turn off the game clock and just keep playing sudden death (after the FG thing). Keep the play clock, of course. This way no teams play for the tie, or use the clock to get the last chance for win or else tie.

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NCAA overtime rules, but with no FGs allowed. Problem solved.

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How about they put each team on the red zone 20 yard line, they play until one team scores a TD and the other doesn’t. No 1st downs except by penalty, and no FGs. Is that NCAA OT rules? Don’t know, don’t care.

Interesting… but TDs back and forth could pad some big time stats.

Lol never considered a kick off to win a game. I’d take Prater over just about any kicker not named Tucker.

It is called “football”… instead of deciding by inches, decide by feet.

Since OT was instituted in 1974, here are the stats:

1974-2011: 15 minute OT period, first score wins the game
17 ties out of 494 OT games for tie rate of 3.4%

2012-2016: 15 minute OT period, both teams must possess the ball unless first team scores TD
5 ties out of 83 OT games for a tie rate of 6.0%

2017-2019: 10 minute OT period, both teams must possess the ball unless first team scores TD
3 ties out of 33 OT games for a tie rate of 9.1%

The trend is the adjustments to OT rules may be creating more ties, which is what was feared with the adjustments in the last decade.



I’m curious what percentage of those wins were by the team that won the toss.

I can’t find the raw data, but everything I looked at suggests that the answer is somewhere around 55-60% of the teams winning the toss end up winning the game. This particular article says its about the same percentage as the team that’s on defense first in the college system.

" The team that wins the coin toss wins about 55 percent of the NFL games decided in overtime."

The NFL is consistently behind the NCAA when it comes to evolving. Replay, OT, Targeting, etc.

These clowns still take 9 minutes of commercials and then come back and stick their stupid heads into a tarp to look at a low definition 5 inch Zenith to determine crucial plays. They only look at ones that are challenged or in the last couple minutes. College reviews basically every play and does it in warp speed and with a MUCH higher accuracy than the NFL. Even when the NFL reviews something, they still get it wrong the majority of the time.

As far as OT is concerned, the fact that they have changed it numerous times in recent history, along with the fact that have to explain the rules every time there is overtime, and fans STILL don’t get it, tells you that it sucks. College rules, but at the 40 or 50 yard line would be fine. They already want to eliminate kickoffs, so no need to even have those. Ties are idiotic at best.

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Oh, and as far as stats are concerned. Just don’t keep stats for overtime. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like the NHL counts shootout goals to the players totals or the goalie’s save %.

Sounds good but I think there has to be a first down, otherwise it favors passing teams more than running teams that late in the game.

Doesn’t bother me in the least.

In the Lions case, at draft time, it’s highly likely they will be in the same draft spot each round instead of rotating with other teams with the same record.

It doesn’t leave an empty hole to dedicate 3 or 4 hours of your day to a game and have it end as if it wasn’t even played? Professional football should be played till there is a winner and a loser. The NFL is still decades behind the times with this one. Anytime you have to change the rules for the playoffs, your system is flawed.

So the NHL is also decades behind the times?

The only thing college football does right is OT. NFL needs to adopt their OT rules.